Wardrobe Favorites

You may have seen this jacket in other posts, as it happens to be my favorite piece in my wardrobe two years running now. It truly is the perfect L.A. jacket. Great construction, beautiful leather & suede, and a perfect fit. I want  one in every color of the rainbow. Except orange… I definitely do not want one in orange.


I’ve seen a lot of knock offs of this particular jacket, some good, some bad. I think this is one piece to suck it up, and buy the REAL leather & suede version from My Tribe. Sure, it’ll cost more than the cheap plastic version from Santee Alley, but you’ll have it forever and it’s WORTH IT. I’ve worn my black version of this jacket like a million times and I STILL love it and it still looks great!



MyTribeLeatherJacketTMThe jeans are my first pair of Joe’s and I am pleasantly surprised. They have a great fit, along with the perfect length (hard to find when you’re a Shorty McShort Short) and again, I’ve worn them frequently and they hold there shape very well. No saggy knees, no stretched out booty.


And ahhhh those beautiful stiletto heels. Metallic in color and a unique cage style design. They are made by L.A.M.B., Gwen Stefani’s fashion line. I scored these beauties at Nordstrom Rack for less than half the original price. Yesssss!

MyTribeFashionLeatherBlueTMJacket: My Tribe

T-shirt: Wilt

Jeans: Joe’s Jeans

Shoes: L.A.M.B

Clutch: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: DTLA boutique


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Little Black Sweater Dress

Every closet needs a little black sweater dress. Easy to wear, and limitless possibilities when it comes to accessorizing.

Kontatto_Sweater-Dress-WM KontattoSweaterDressWM_ kontatto_sweater_dress_2_WM Kontatto_Sweater_Dress_WM KontattoSweaterDressWM


Dress: Kontatto

Hat: Vintage


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Status Update 2015


It is hard to keep up a blog when you no longer have an on-site photographer. That seriously made everything SO much easier. (Big thanks to my old photographer, you know who you are…)

When I look back at 2014, I realized I had some friggen BAD ASS ensembles I threw together. I also had some BAD ASS photographers capture my photo. Although these photos weren’t taken for the purposes of posting them to my blog, I wanted to post some of my favorite outfits, looks and photos from my 2014.


I don’t JUST “get dressed…” I create ART!

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Cruella, Cruella De Vil

Halloween 2014 brought on one of the best costumes I have ever pulled together. Miss Cruella De Vil, a classic Disney villain that utilizes one of my favorite color palettes!

Naturally, with my insatiable love for all things glamour, I had to make Cruella my own… Now it just so happened that we had this funky, polka dotted Isabel De Pedro dress on sale at work, and so I was able to work it into my own glamorous rendition of the psychotic dalmatian puppy murderess, Miss DeVil.

I wore the entire ensemble to work at Fred Segal and was heavily applauded for my artistry. On my break I strolled through downtown Santa Monica and the masses just loved it. I had cars drive by and yell, “Cruelllllaaaaaaa!” and lots of people ask for photos. It felt amazing!


Dress: Isabel De Pedro

Coat: UNIF

Shoes: Michael KorsCruella-DeVil-WM

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Fascinating Fascinator

Who doesn’t LOVE a gorgeous fascinator?! I mean, is there any fashion accessory out there that is more fun and unique than a fascinator? Hell no there isn’t. With all kinds of different shapes, textures, colors and beauty it’s hard not to put one on every day.

This post features an absolutely STUNNING head piece from Vivo Masks. Vivo Masks specializes in beautiful masquerade masks, gorgeous fascinators, and even a few top hats. Because everyone needs at least one top hat in their wardrobe.

To my delight, this fascinator arrived in a beautiful hat box! For having so many hats, it is a bit shocking that I’ve never owned a proper hat box before…



































































Shooting this hat was a lot of fun just because it requires some major dress up play time. As we all know, dress up is my favorite! Thanks again to Vivo Masks for the beautiful headpiece!

Dress is from Nordstrom Rack

Shawl is from a $1 box at a thrift store

Hat is from Vivo Masks

Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell

Belt is Anna Klein

Photos shot by Damon Holm


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Uniform Freedom

Yes, I am the weirdo in the bathroom that when you walk in, I’m standing in front of the mirror taking selfies. Of course once you burst in, I quickly lower my camera and turn my body to pretend I wasn’t just taking 20 pictures of myself. We’ve all been there. We’ve either been THAT girl/boy, or we’ve witnessed THAT girl/boy.

I take a photo of my outfit every day at work, so here I am being THAT girl.




…and there you have it. My work uniform is whatever my little fashionista heart desires. I hope to make “Uniform Freedom” a regular installment on my blog, featuring five outfits from recent days. What is your favorite outfit?

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