Uniform Freedom

Yes, I am the weirdo in the bathroom that when you walk in, I’m standing in front of the mirror taking selfies. Of course once you burst in, I quickly lower my camera and turn my body to pretend I wasn’t just taking 20 pictures of myself. We’ve all been there. We’ve either been THAT girl/boy, or we’ve witnessed THAT girl/boy.

I take a photo of my outfit every day at work, so here I am being THAT girl.




…and there you have it. My work uniform is whatever my little fashionista heart desires. I hope to make “Uniform Freedom” a regular installment on my blog, featuring five outfits from recent days. What is your favorite outfit?

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Punk Grunge Glamour

When I was in high school, I was soooooo punk rock. Also known as a poser. Because all punk kids are posers. That’s just the way it goes. Along with going to local shows, being rebellious, wearing plaid and Doc Martens, came calling everyone else a poser. It’s quite funny actually.

Really I just had a punk attitude and was into a few punk bands. I very much enjoyed the punk uniform of plaids, leather, spikes, chains, patches, etc. I sported the punk uniform during my last few years of school and then let if fade away. However I still love the look and I still love those same punk bands I loved years ago.


I was recently selling some clothes at Wasteland when I spotted what appeared to be a sweet ass vintage band t-shirt. I dropped everything I was doing to take a peek at this shirt that had just hit the sales floor…… A vintage Dead Kennedy’s t-shirt. AND it smelled good. SCORE! Not only do I adore the dark, eerie and rambunctious sound of the Dead Kennedy’s, but here I found a perfectly softened, old school vintage t-shirt with their political propaganda inked all over it.


To complete my grungy punk look is the same leather bondage belt I rocked about a decade ago, a subtle plaid print on my jeans and of course a flannel knotted around the waist. As you all know, I almost always have to add in some glamour to whatever style I’m rockin, so in comes the teased hair, the shiny accessories and my fringed bag. The diamond shaped bangle is by Vinca, an awesome jewelry company based here in the USA. It is such a cool bracelet, made of laser cut wood!


Click the picture to get your own laser cut jewelry from Vinca!

grungepunkglamourWMgrungepunkglamour6WMEven though I have grown out of the every day “punk rock” look, the punk rock attitude will always remain in my heart and will bloom through my modern style on occasion.


Tshirt: vintage

Flannel: vintage

Jeans: SOLD

Boots: Dolce Vita

Bag: Lost and Found

Wooden bangle: VINCA 


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A Dash of Vinca!

All black everything… it’s a great look. It really never fails. Perhaps I should be living in New York? Pfffft, no way, it’s too damn cold in NY.


 This particular outfit incorporates some goth, and my favorite comic book character of all time– Catwoman. I don’t know, I just feel a little Catwomanly in this ensemble. I think its probably those heeled boots I have on… WHICH I found at Ross for $20 btw!!! Yessssss.

But seriously, the white hair, the red lips and nails and the silver accents just look so fierce altogether. How bout those accessories huh? You’ve seen a lot of these pieces in other posts, however my bad ass crow necklace is totes new to this blog. The necklace is done by Vinca jewelry and it’s all made here in the USA (yesss!) I picked up a couple of fabulous pieces from Vinca but the crows are my absolute favorite.

I mean, what a weird necklace. Crows? A lil’ Alfred Hitchcock piece perhaps? I ran over a crow once. It was the worst. I felt its skull pop under my tire. I cried for at least 8 minutes. It was terrible. But forgive me, this isn’t a roadkill blog.

So yeah, I LOVE the absurdity of those shiny black crows gliding over my collarbones making everyone think twice about what the piece means or where it came from. The necklace has got that unique edge that I just love… Thanks for the creativity Vinca!

Also thanks goes out to my photographer of the day, Cooper Griggs. He was kind enough to snap these shots and make them beautiful for me! Thanks Coop!




Jacket: Tripp NYC

Pants: SOLD Design Lab

Boots: ??? I dunno I got those babies at Ross

Necklace: Vinca Jewelry


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Fringe Me Baby.

Getting these photos was a total covert operation. My buddy Cooper and I scoped out this location by “trespassing” onto the innards of the Mar Vista post office. We scaled their parking garage like ninjas, avoiding trouble with the “MAN” all the way to the top. That’s how we roll….


This rad fringed top was sent to me courtesy of the bad ass clothing company Iron Fist. For all the fierce, edgy and not afraid to be yourself divas out there, you simply must check their site! They’re even offering a sweet discount to my readers, just click the graphic at the bottom of this post, or simply click HERE, and don’t forget to use the discount code Rebecca13. Iron Fist is definitely not your run of the mill fashion and this top was one of my favs!!! Unlike a typical skeleton screen print, this particular design has a gorgeous floral motif woven under the rib cage which adds a little touch of femininity to the wicked cool design. And who doesn’t love fringe?!?!?!

The denim really takes the outfit down a notch and makes it a little more versatile for every day wear. However, I have also worn the Iron Fist top as a dress, with stockings and lots of leather and that is a whole other look… better suited for night life.






Shirt: Iron Fist Clothing

Jacket: MyTribe 

Jeans: SOLD Design Lab

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Event Platform


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Kitty goes MEOW for Iron Fist!

I don’t know about you all… but I definitely NEEDED these cat ears in my life to outfit my colorful character and to add the finishing touch on a super rad ensemble.


Iron Fist Clothing reached out to me and was like, “Hey Rebecca, we like your blog…” And then I was like, “Hey Iron Fist, I like your clothing…” And after three months of my personal life being an intense struggle, and my blog on hold… here it is! One of the sweet ass shirts in their collection! Iron Fist has boat loads of funky, cool stuff. Amazing platforms, sexy skirts and it’s all definitely not for the faint of heart. Iron Fist will help you take a walk on the wild side!


 I was drawn to this shirt specifically due to the colors and the mysteriousness of it. I mean, you’ve got some galaxy thing going on, a pair of beautiful red lips being encompassed by hands, and then a pentagram over the whole thing. Who doesn’t love a good pentagram?! A super comfy, cool shirt that I practically live in.

PLUS, Iron Fist wants to give 15% off to anyone interested in their unique, edgy, and fun collection… just click the graphic at the bottom of my blog to go check out the goods, and make sure to use the code REBECCA13 for a sweet hookup.






Shirt: Iron Fist Clothing

Leggings: Lysse

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Clutch: Urban Outfitters


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When Clothing is Art…

I certainly love and adore my new job, but I must say it is challenging to be immersed into these gorgeous articles of clothing and unable to acquire them due to a high price tag. It’s been cool though because my boss gives me a piece here and there. I’ve gotten a couple pairs of jeans, a pair of leggings, a pencil skirt and a few tops. It’s so nice to have a job that GIVES me clothes! Hahhaha

At my store, we recently got this new jacket in and I fell head over heels in love with it. I do get a discount at work, but even with my discount the jacket was way out of my budget. I talked to my boss about bringing this jacket into my life and she was able to work with me to get it to me at a price I could afford. Needless to say, I love my boss. She’s fierce and hard on me, but I know it’s because she wants me to succeed.

So yeah, I scored this amazingly beautiful jacket and no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot of it in the future.


The jacket is by My Tribe and is alternating leather and suede strips all individually sewn onto a rayon backing. It’s lightweight, stretchy and STUNNING! I absolutely adore the the rippled effect of the leather strips. Plus, this jacket just screams my name. Edgy, fierce and glamorous. This jacket IS art.

The shoes are another beautiful addition to this outfit. I scored these Dolce Vita platforms at Ross for $18!!! I looked them up online and found them selling for $180! Yeah, I’ll drop that zero ANY day. Couldn’t believe I found them at such an incredible price, but that’s what happens when you treasure hunt!

The shirt I’m wearing is a high-low hem and is also from Ross (imagine that!)



Jacket: My Tribe (Available at Emphatic inside Fred Segal, Santa Monica)

Shirt: Sans Souci

Leggings: Lysse (Available at Emphatic inside Fred Segal, Santa Monica)

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Sunnies: DIY

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I call it “Glam Noir”

A long time ago I found this gorgeous piece of wearable art on Etsy:

If you checked out the link, which takes you to the Etsy listing, you will see the jaw dropping price of almost $500. Wayyyy out my price range, but OH SO BEAUTIFUL. I added the item to my favorites list and oohed and ahhed over it for years.

Usually when I want something really bad, I make it happen in whatever way possible. When it comes to shopping, my motto is “when in doubt… search eBay.” Some of my greatest finds have come from eBay, and always at a great price! Recently I was browsing eBay for an unrelated item, and stumbled across a beaded collar necklace that looked incredibly similar to the Etsy piece.

Of course I snagged it off eBay for hundreds of dollars LESS than on Etsy!

My friend Sam and I got together to shoot the piece. I created the look, and she took the photos at her studio. My hair didn’t come out quite the way I hoped, but what can you do… once a half can of hairspray is in the hair… you’re not gonna make it look any other way.



Generally I don’t like to fit any particular mold of one specific style, and tend to draw creativity from multiple genres of fashion. My inspirations for the look pull from goth and glamour, basically what I like to call “glam noir.”

A big thanks to Sam for letting me test out her amazing photography and editing skills. You can see more of Sam’s work on her FB fanpage here.

We took a TON of photos, however I don’t have the mad editing skills Sam has, and so she was kind enough to send me these images for use. This last one is my favorite.


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