And so it begins…

Here it is! The blog so many people have encouraged me to start. Here it is. Right here. What you are reading. My blog.

Go me!

Apparently I have a knack for style. I’m pretty sure I was born this way. As far back as I can remember I have had a love for playing dress up. I had huge bags of evening gowns from thrift stores, Halloween costumes, and old dance costumes stuffed into my closet. Plus a plethora of sequined headbands, satin opera gloves and worn out high heels much too big for me. Any time I felt the need, I would bust it all out and begin practicing what would become my future artistic skill… styling.

I always thought everyone knew how to style themselves, or at least, that it wasn’t difficult. I never really thought of styling as an art or a skill. Frankly, there are lots of us who can put an outfit together and look fabulous… but there are ALSO a lot of us who can’t!

Take “that one guy” for example… and have you seen his girlfriend?! Ohhh man, they sure need some help in the style department.

Anyone can be “in fashion.” But not everyone has STYLE!

So here I am to unload my personal sense of style onto the internets and hope that someone high up in the fashion industry finds me and pays me lots of money to do what comes naturally.  I would ask for wishes of luck, however I am probably as lucky as I could ever be.

Be sociable, share!