Hi! I’m Rebecca! Welcome back.

To start this blog off right, I’d like to discuss exactly where my unique taste for style has spawned from. Over the course of my few decades of life I’ve been drawn to a wide array of “styles.” My personal style and inspirations are born from a melting pot of different looks.


Punk, glam, goth, pin-ups, and almost every decade from the 20th century.

Well… not the 90’s… certainly NOT the 90’s. The only people that draw their fashion from the 90’s are those damned bearded, flannel wearing, fixie riding, chai tea drinking, art gallery visiting hipsters!

The only great things from the 90’s were Power Rangers and TLC.

So, as I was saying… a melting pot of style. That’s me. I love to take pretty much any “genre” of fashion and add a glam touch to it. Punk glam, hippie glam, goth glam, retro glam,

glam glam GLAM!


What lovely ladies inspire me? Well none other than the amazing Gwen Stefani of course. And I cannot forget classic beauty and glamour icons such as Jayne Mansfield, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe. Such class. Such beauty.

I suppose I have a thing for platinum blonde.

It’s a great thing to not conform to only one style. I love dressing to my moods, my attitudes and the weather. If I want to be ultra feminine and girly, so be it. Do I want to kick some ass and wear my platform boots and leather belts? Or do I feel like wandering through a field of flowers in hippie garb? Whatever it may be, my style comes from a melting pot indeed.

A glamorous melting pot. 😉

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