Luscious Liquid Liner!

Can I just say that liquid eye liner is probably one of the greatest inventions known to beauty! Where would all the fabulous females be without liquid eye liner? Without those beautifully lined eyes, fabulous females such as Adele, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and Angelina Jolie would probably all be wearing sweats and working in a plastic lawn chair factory… It’s a good thing they learned how to apply that tricky little dollop of makeup.

It’s true, liquid liner can be messy, tricky and downright a pain in the ass to work with. But that is why you practice! I can’t tell you how often I hear, “Gosh, I wish I could wear liquid liner… but I don’t know how to apply it.” Ladies, let me tell you how simple it is: practice! When I made my first attempts at liquid liner, let me tell you… it wasn’t pretty. It looked like a blind 6 year old painted my face. Not cute. It didn’t get cute for months. Even after I’ve spent years now applying liquid liner, I still botch it from time to time.

Yes, it is hard to work with… but the outcome is just so beautiful! And liquid liner is one of those simple little things that add a lot to your look. Lined eyes appear bigger, softer and more feminine. May I recommend L’Oreal’s Carbon Black Lineur Intense (# 690). Of all the different brands and brush tips I’ve ever tried (including MAC liner, and a plethora of other brands) I’ve found this to be the BEST eyeliner as far as applicator brush, the smooth gliding liner, and how it stays put for long periods of time. Very easy to use, and it looks magnificent. Add a little flirt or intense drama to your look, and rock it.

Be an artist, master liquid liner!

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