Introduction to the Fashion Industry.

So I’ve been taking this class, Intro to the Fashion Industry at Long Beach State University, and I absolutely love it! We’ve had a few projects to belt out over the semester and I wanted to share.

Our first project display was based on a local designer of our choice. While the majority of the class presented on typical preppy, or mainstream fashion… I wanted to break the mold (as usual) and present a designer that would entertain, and wake them up from their naps. I chose to highlight a local milliner (a hat maker) named Sylva Scar Hattington who has an Etsy shop under the name Bubbles & Frown (click here to see her shop!) She makes these amazingly extravagant feather head dresses and other hats of all sorts, shapes, textures and colors.

Here is my display:

Click to see it bigger!

Of course, I got an A.

Our second project was far more in depth. We had to create a concept for a retail store and explain the target market, customer demographics, the price points, the merchandise, etc. I created “Hot Couture” which would be boutique style and similar to Urban Outfitters, in the sense that it would have clothes, accessories, gifts, and knick knacks for the home. What makes Hot Couture unique, is all product inside (and the store itself) would be all in the gothic style. Not obnoxious junior high goth, but elegant, classy and mature gothic style. Think black lacquered crown moldings, chic feather accessories and overall darker, high fashion elements. Perhaps a little something like this:

Here is my customer demographic:

“The Hot Couture client is a confident, bold woman. She is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to express herself through art, fashion and style. She is most likely single; however the Hot Couture caters to ANY woman, young or old, kids or no kids, so long as she has a taste for Hot Couture’s style. She will have a darker side to her personality, where she finds extreme beauty in darker fashion elements such as rich velvets, blood red roses, skulls, dripping candle wax and the color black. Our client loves the night life and will never step out on a Saturday night in nothing less than an exquisite, gothic inspired, high fashion look from head to toe. Her daring garb and her seemingly effortless beauty make her the main attraction in any night life atmosphere. When our client steps into a room with Hot Couture’s apparel, everyone turns to gaze upon her.

Once she is done entertaining herself, it is time for her to entertain others. This is where our client will stop by Hot Couture every few weeks to pick up a new set of wine glasses or a black crystal chandelier for her dining room. Her living space will be enriched with lovely gothic elements and rich fabrics. With Hot Couture’s help, our client will have black and gray candles on the mantle; large, ornate black lacquered frames will encase black and white photos on her walls and there will be a rich velvety throw tossed over the arm of her sofa. She may even have Hot Couture’s latest plush, satin cat bed for her feline friend to relax in. Her living space will definitely match her refined darker style and Hot Couture will make it easy for her.”

Hmmmm…. sound like anyone you know? 😉

And my project display (which I spent a solid 5 hour block of time on):

Click the photo to see it bigger!

After seeing the entire class present, it was obvious I spent the most time and effort on my display. I was VERY proud to show this off when it came to my turn, having seen mostly mediocre projects beforehand. I knew all those years of intense scrapbooking would pay off!

The semester is coming to an end and I surely earned a high A in this class.


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