I was a model once…

Well… sort of.

It was a glorious, sunny Wednesday in Black Rock City, NV back in 2010 (aka the Burning Man festival.) I was going about my day, combing the open playa for art and cool happenings. In Black Rock City, there is NO dress code. There is no fashion that is “too outrageous” or trendy or bad. Everything and anything goes. People wear what EVER their hearts desire. You’d see everything from birthday suits, to furry bunnies, to hippie goddesses to steam punk warriors. It’s ALL good at Burning Man.

Unknown photographer, however this is an amazing shot of the beautiful style of these lovely ladies.

On this particular day, I felt sexy. I felt womanly. My heart told me it was a burlesque day. My color palette was pinks and black. I suited up and went out for my day. A lovely day indeed riding art cars, touring the art in the open desert and meeting lovelies everywhere I went.

I eventually began on my trek back to home (camp.) I was walking alone towards my neck of the woods when a beautiful man floated past me with a large, professional looking camera. He past me, and then I heard him call out to me and ask for my photo. Well OF COURSE I was thrilled, and stopped and took direction from him. He asked me just to continue walking away, that he wanted a photo from behind. We took a few shots, and I requested his contact info so that I could eventually see the photos.  It was simple as that. The photographer and his chosen model for just a few moments in time. It was a quick interaction, yet I felt so happy to be chosen by this photographer to help create a piece of art.

Click to enlarge.

This is my absolute favorite photo from my three years attending the Burning Man festival! The photographer is named Oliver Fluck, and his work his incredible, you can see his blog and galleries here. Oliver and I have stayed in touch, and we will both be attending Burning Man 2012. Perhaps we will be so lucky to cross paths again. If so, I sure hope I have an amazing outfit on…

There was only one element I forgot to wear on this day, and that was sunscreen. Yes I was sorched the next day, including a fence net print burned into my skin. Never again will I forget precious sunscreen.

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