Lizards are the new fashion accessory.

The next time you are trying to figure out the perfect accessory to your outfit, look no further than your local pet store. Grab yourself a lizard (preferably of a cool skin or pattern) and simply place strategically on your body for the perfect added flair.


As you can see here, this Albino Leopard Gecko is the perfect addition to my polka-dot dress. The spots and print on the lizard really bring out the colors in my outfit and decorate my cleavage. What would this outfit be without it? It would be NOTHING.


On this day I was going for an edgier, “rocker” look. To really pull off this kind of look you absolutely need a Bearded Dragon lurking on your shoulder. Preferably with a harness so that the lizard itself looks just as bad ass as you. You’ll want your Bearded Dragon to have brighter colors and lots of little spikes all over. The more spikes, the more COOL you will appear to be. I highly recommend this particular lizard to accessorize any outfit that has an edgier appeal.

Once your day is complete, simply return the lizard to the pet store claiming things “didn’t work out.” It’s simple, fun and easy! Now go accessorize!

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