Think Pink!

A promoter came into my job, handed me a poster and walked out. Normally I wouldn’t give these posters more than a quick glance, however the title of party was worthy of reading:

“5th Annual Pink Party” hosted in Downtown Long Beach to kick off Pride weekend here in Long Beach. A pink party you say? A THEMED party you say? Any time there is a theme associated with a party, the wheels in my head began turning overtime. Withing moments of checking out this poster I had formulated ideas of my outfit in my head. I’ve had this gorgeous pink skirt from Ross ($9.99) that’s been hanging in my closet and I have yet to wear it. I just haven’t had the perfect outfit or opportunity to rock it. I knew it would be the key ingredient to my outfit.

Fast forward to Friday, and after a few hours of putting some work into my ensemble I got to put it all together for the win.

I’ve been wanting to make my own feather epaulette’s and this was the perfect occasion being that I had the hot pink feathers already. I added silver chains draping down from each piece and added pins to the them so that I may attach them to a jacket. They came out gorgeous!

My hair came out awesome, thanks to help of my hairdresser, Vero. This is the style I have come to refer to as “the usual,” when we style it. We’ve repeated “the usual” many times in the past. What can I say, it looks soooo cool!

My style often focuses on details. It’s the little things ya know? The accessories! One of my favorite parts of fashion! Rings, necklaces, earrings oh my! You can never have enough! Not in this blog anyway!

All in all, the outfit came together just as I imagined it days before. I set out on the town and the ensemble was an absolute hit. I was asked by many photographers for a photo and the shoes were especially popular with the crowd, including an older Asian man who got down on the ground to take a picture posed next to them.

It feels amazing to dress up!

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