Pink, Re-Styled.

A new day calls for a new outfit! I wanted to wear the same colors from the outfit that I wore to the Pink Party (which you can see HERE).  The events were related, so  I wanted to utilize the same colors and skirt but in a whole new way.

Now my favorite part, the accessories!

My make-up was kept simple, although I did hand glue (eyelash glue!) 15 pink Swarovski crystals around my eyebrows and added a little glitter to my eyeliner. As for my hair, I inserted pink, black and white flowers and a black feather fascinator.

Again, my ensemble was an absolute hit at the event (LB Pride 2012). If it wasn’t my hair, it was my shoes people were in astonishment with. Many people asked to take a photo with me, which of course, was awesome. I remember times in the past where I attended different kinds of public events where there would be some gorgeous female all decked out in some elaborate fashion and I always wanted to be her… and after this day… I think I can say I made it. If you want to be “her” you can’t half ass it. You go big or you go home, and I’ve learned this over the years. And it always comes down to details. Clothes can only get you so far… but the details… those are what seal the deal.

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