Glam, on the job.

I like to glam it up most every day, and for me, work is no excuse. I bartend and serve at a well-known dining establishment and I like to look my best while working. Often times when I go into work with great hair and make-up, it makes me feel good and I gain more confidence. It makes the day better!

When getting ready for work I usually give myself some sort of theme, or color scheme to follow. Here are a few of my looks for work:

Black and Red w/ some edge.

Low side ponytail with black and red flowers. I took a single earring with black and red feathers and clipped into my ponytail for added flair. Red lips to top it all off. As you will note, I am huge fan of red lips.

Native American Neutrals

Clearly I had sort of a Native American theme going this day. I kept my make-up in neutral tones and wore a braided headband with neutral colored feathers at the ends of it. A mini pompadour in the front of my hair and a whole lot of teasing at the crown, and then tied off in a ponytail. I also wore only one long, feathered earring on the left ear. I find that sometimes when you have big, long or bold earrings it looks nice and/or unique to only wear one.

Green, yellow and white!

The twisties in my hair were done by my hairdresser, Vero. My eye make-up is a baked green shadow from Hot Topic. I love baked shadows because they are super bright and pigmented when applying them wet. Yellow and white flowers pinned into a messy bun. Gold and yellow jewelry to top it off.

Terrific in Turquoise:

Another low, side ponytail with teased hair at the crown. I swirled up half of my bangs and let the other parts of my bangs just fall to the side. I will eventually attempt a “how to” video for hair swirls. Teal flower in the hair, teal and silver earrings and turquoise eye shadow for the whole look.

I will have more posts like this, considering I always create new looks and themes for work. I know most people think, “It’s just work. I’m not going to waste my time getting all done up…” The way I see it is, no matter where you are, you’re still be seeing seen by lots of people. People tend to dress up because it makes them feel good, so why not try to feel good at work too? Contrary to belief, I do not spend hours upon hours getting ready. Through years of hair and makeup I’ve gotten pretty fast at my art.

If anything, always wear a flower in your hair! It’s cheap, easy and looks like a million! Plus, for those of you in tipped positions, one study shows waitresses increased their tips by 17 percent by wearing flowers in their hair.

In general it pays to look distinctive.

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