How to shop thrift stores.

Here’s the thing about me and shopping… I want cool stuff, I just don’t want to pay full price. Accomplishing this goal is a bit of an art, however thrift stores make it soooo easy! Some of my most precious, prized wardrobe pieces are from places like Goodwill or Salvation Army.

I find that a lot of people have two main issues with thrift stores:

  1. They are embarrassed. (Because they don’t want to seem “poor.”)
  2. They don’t know what to look for, and don’t want to rifle through every single thing in the store.

First and foremost, there should be absolutely NO SHAME in thrifting. You should be PROUD of thrifting! I often get compliments on items I’ve found at thrift stores, and I proudly let people know where I got them and for how much, and generally people are shocked. They never thought you could find such “cool” stuff at thrift stores.

For the second issue, I’ve compiled a few tips to help your thrifting endeavors.

1. You’ve got friends right?  (I hope so!) Sometimes it’s hard to figure out “something to do” to hang out with one of your gal pals other than typical dinner/drinks. Thrifting is the perfect hang out time. Make a day of it! Map out a little schedule of a few stores you’d like to go to, and maybe in between grab lunch. You’d be surprised how much of your day will be filled with treasure hunting and laughing with someone you love.

2. Unless you are specifically searching for a shirt or pants, do not bother wasting your time searching these endless racks. Instead look into the areas of higher priced items, such as dresses, coats, jacket or blazers. These sections usually aren’t huge and it’s very possible to find something amazing.

Searching through the dresses, I found this cute little number! It’s navy blue with red piping on the ruffles! I will add a red belt to this and some nude pumps for a great outfit. I got it for 3 dollars!

3. The shoe section is fun because it’s easy to scan. All the shoes are visible right off the bat, so you can quickly scan for anything that catches your eye. I’ve probably purchased over 20 pairs of shoes from thrift stores, and I would estimate that at least 12 of the pairs were brand new… and SUPER CUTE!

An amazing find for costuming. Think She-Ra or a super hero of some kind. I would have bought them, but they were much too small. Obviously not mainstream, but unique and affordable!

I found these bad girls at Salvation Army for 3 dollars. They are sooo cool and different! At first I didn’t like them, but once I tried them on, I knew they had to be mine. They look great with a pair of skinny jeans!

4. Think about other people in your life. We often times go out shopping and see something that is soooo (fill in the blank with your friend’s name), yet we don’t have that extra $$$ to spend. At a thrift store, chances are that item will be only a couple of bucks, and your friend/family will be totally surprised and appreciative.

5. Don’t be fooled, thrift stores are not JUST junk. Sure, there is a lot of junk, but there’s a lot of junk wherever you go. If you take some time to go through you can find brand new, perfect condition items, including brand names. I just purchased a really cool, brand new H&M blazer from Salvation Army. I’ve also seen brands such as Express, Guess, Micheal Kors, TopShop, and Forever 21.

H & M blazer in great condition for 5 bucks!

6. Visit often! Thrift stores stock is always changing due to daily donations. Great stuff goes fast, so you gotta be there to get it! Also, places like Goodwill and my favorite, the Salvation Army have daily discounts. I just visited the Salvation Army and it was 40% off everything in the store.

These tips will help you to make thrifting more fun, and hopefully help you score some amazing finds!

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