Stacking silver + a new watch!

It’s been a long time since this gal has owned a watch. I don’t know what took so long, but I think I was just waiting for the perfect watch to come along. I finally found it!

My new Michael Kors watch! This watch sells for $200 at Nordstrom!!! Do you really think I’d ever pay that?! Heck to the no! Not for a watch!!! Shoes, maybe… but a watch? Nevahhh!

I’ll give you ONE guess where I found this magnificent time piece, and it starts with an R and ends with an SS. I went in for a rug, and came out with a chair, margarita mix, a rug and this watch. I tell ya, Ross is going to be the death of my income. Anyway, I got this watch for an extreme bargain and I absolutely love it!

This watch (or any watch) looks incredible when stacked with other bracelets of the same metal color family. Golds with gold, rose gold with gold, or silver with silvers. You get it.

Add a couple rings and in an instant your arm looks like a million bucks!

Indulge on accessories!

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