Red, white and blue, Re-Styled!

When it comes to fashion, I tend to take a walk on the wild side. When attending clubs, parties or events I like to be over the top with my fashion choices and I like to make heads turn. Sure, my style isn’t for everyone… but I love for it to at least be appreciated as art. Some people paint canvases, others carve marble… and my method of art is simply, dressing myself!

For the 4th of July, I’ve styled a day outfit in my previous post which I would probably wear while running errands and/or shopping. This outfit is obviously a LOT more flashy and would be worn to a club, bar or festival event of some kind.

These sunglasses are just spectacular! They were a gift from a fashionable friend. I had just met her, and was hanging out at her house after a party we attended. I tried these shades on and she said, “They look amazing on you, they’re yours…” I happily accepted and wore them the entire rest of the day. Later on, on closer inspection I come to read the inner part of the shades and what do I see? “Handmade in France” Ohhhh LA LA!!! What a fancy pair of shades I’ve been gifted! They are by Mannequin. Thanks Jane, I love them still!

This is my hobby. This is my joy. This is my art.

Happy Independence day!

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