It’s all about the accessories.

Another plain jane outfit spruced up with accessories! If you don’t already own a plain white, tailored button up shirt, I highly suggest you get one. They go with so many different outfits and looks, indeed a staple item in any fashionista’s closet.

I don’t invest a lot of money in any staple article that is white. With white articles of clothing you have to worry about the three D’s: dirty, dingy and damaged…. all too soon. This shirt I picked up from a local low end boutique for about $10, it’s not the greatest quality, but it fits great and will last me through the next couple seasons.

My jeans are skinny cut Levi’s and they are from Kohls at $40.

How about that belt?! That is one solid chunk of leather and metal. The belt is by Brave. Brave is a leather company that makes women’s and men’s belts and other small leather goods. This belt retails for $120 in stores and online. Of course, I didn’t pay that much! I found this belt at downtown LA’s Friday Sample Sale. Usually at sample sales, the showrooms sell everything at cost (wholesale) price… this belt being $60 wholesale…. but the guy sold it to me for $15!!! Wooo! Major score! I love how chunky and industrial it is.

The ring I’m wearing is a fancy shmancy armor ring that I found at Wet Seal (of all places!) It’s a great statement piece of jewelry.

No purse today, just a little wallet clutch that my girlfriend gifted to me. It’s sparkly black patent leather and the handle is built in “brass knuckles.” Not only does this clutch carry all my cash and cards, but I could bust somebody in the temple if I had to. In self defense of course. 😉

One of the best ways to spruce up a some what dull outfit is to slide on some bold statement shoes! These shoes are by Jeffrey Campbell and are the most expensive part of the outfit (a little bit over $200). Don’t get me wrong… I don’t go spending that much EVER on anything… except the occasional pair of shoes. Shoes are worth it!

Accessories can make your entire outfit go from blah to WOW! In addition, you can take the same basic articles of clothing and create entirely different looks using accessories. Look for an upcoming entry, where I create a whole different style using the same jeans and white button up. Until then, cheers to my lovely readers! I appreciate your views more than you know!

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