Make it up with make up.

Feeling a little tribal on this night. I often build a look around a set of colors, an accessory or a single article of clothing. On this night my green, purple, black and white feather earrings that I bought from Beth Nouveau on Etsy took over my look.

Using green, purple, and a shimmery tan I painted my lids. The tribal dots are simply done with eyeliner and a steady hand. If anyone knows of a better make up for tribal paint jobs, please do share. After the shadows were on, I used loose purple glitter to go over the purple shadow for some sparkle! To apply loose glitter I’ve found this amazing product by Hard Candy, which you can find at Walmart:

Best glitter glue, EVER. Just make sure you’re using glitter specially made to be worn as make up, and not craft glitter! I love glitter and this product makes it soooo easy to wear.

This make up look is fun, different and definitely stands out in a crowd. And if anyone looks at you and says “why?” Well then you say, “It’s called STYLE, baby.”

Thank YOU for reading. <3

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