Playa Fashion.

For starters, I don’t mean “playa” as in a guy who dates a bunch of women, but I DO mean “playa” as in Spanish for “beach.” All year long I prepare and get excited to go home to the Black Rock Desert for Burning Man. The Burning Man festival is held on an ancient dried lake bed, therefore this particular desert is known as a “playa.” Now that that is covered… on the playa we love our fashion endeavors. Some go for silly, some go for sexy, some go for WOW and some go for nothing (aka their birthday suit!)

Here are some of my other fun fashion ensembles on the playa:

A handkerchief and goggles are essential on the playa due to copious amounts of DUST in the air at all times. You never know when the winds will pick up and send a white out dust storm over the city. If you are caught without goggles and a dust mask, you are pretty much screwed. In this last photo, it was early sunrise and it was wicked cold out, so I used my handkerchief to keep my face warm.

I’ve been lagging on my posts recently due to heavy crafting and creating this year’s fashion. I’ve spent hours upon hours putting work into next week’s garb, so hopefully I’ll get some awesome photos out there to show for it. I most likely won’t have any posts for about two weeks, since I am leaving on Sunday for this year’s festival and as soon as I come back, I am immediately back to school. Busy busy! Stay tuned in the future for some awesome pics from Burning Man 2012, my 4th year!

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