The name is Cherry.

What is more fun than dressing up in an outlandish ensemble? Dressing in an outlandish ensemble with a character to match the outfit!

At last week’s Burning Man festival I went about my day with a character, complete with an English accent. With the help of my fellow camp mates, we decided on the name Cherry Poppins to go along with the red hair and sassy attitude.

I was so thrilled to finally have enough energy and fuel to go into the day. The whole week I had spent the days sleeping around camp wherever I could. This particular Burn was really hard on my body and energy levels. The first few days were spent acclimating to the harsh desert conditions and I wasn’t feeling well enough to spend a lot of energy getting all jazzed up during the days. By Thursday morning I was feeling well and ready to go out into the city as Cherry Poppins.

To top off the outfit I wore my incredible Burning Man medallion that I received as a gift at the 2011 Burn. This piece is absolutely stunning and is the greatest physical gift I’ve been given in my 4 years of participating in the festival. The pendant is double sided and on the other side, the Man stands in the center of the globe. A fantastic piece of jewelry indeed, and is adored by many. I feel so lucky to have been in the right place, at the right time… and had the right outfit on!!! (I was given this piece because the man loved my outfit.)

Probably one of my most favorite outfits of the week, and it was appreciated by many. If only I could dress this way regularly in the default world…

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