A Spot of Tea, Gov’na?

And by tea… I mean pure, hard liquor. 😉

Let me start by saying this outfit was created around the shoes. My new Jeffrey Campbells. I’ve been creating a lot of outfits lately with gold accessories, and yet I didn’t have the shoes to match, so I’ve been on the hunt for some edgy Jeff Campbells with gold hardware instead of silver. As you may or may not know… JC shoes are rather expensive and these particular shoes I’ve had my eyes on for a while and were originally almost $300. Yikes!!! I checked online a few days ago and what do you know… they are on sale for $185. They were practically screaming at me to buy them. And I was going to buy them, oh yes…. I was going to buy them! Just before I clicked the “commit to buy” button, a thought popped into my head.

Check Craigslist.

First of all, I am a HUGE fan of Craigslist. Craigslist has brought me SO much good in my life and zero bad. Many people are hesitant to use the site because some idiot murderer had to go ruin it for all of us CL fans. I personally have used the site well over 100 times to buy, sell, meet and greet.

So on this merry day, I searched “Jeffrey Campbell shoes” on Craigslist in the Los Angeles area. What do you know… a girl is selling the EXACT shoes I want, in MY size…. AND!!!!!! She lives in Long Beach. It was truly meant to be. She sold me these babies BRAND NEW, still wrapped in the box for $120!!!!! Whaaaaaat?!?!?!? I KNOW! Thank YOU Craigslist!!! Here they are, in all their shiny, metallic, spiked glory:

You’re probably thinking either of two thoughts:

a) WOW! Those are crazy or b) Doesn’t she already have shoes like that?

Yes and yes. They are pretty wild… and sharp, and I do have similar style JC shoes… however the ultimate difference is the gold hardware. One of my fashion rules (and many other fashionistas) is that you simply cannot mix metals. You can’t have a bunch of silver jewelery on, with gold heels. Or vice versa. Pick a metal, and stick to it. Hence why I wanted to add some gold hardware shoes to my wardrobe. You get it.

The blazer is from Ross, $20. The bag is by Big Buddha which I scored for wholesale cost ($36) since I interned for the company. The Union Jack tank I’m wearing is by Forever 21, however I found it at a tiny little sample/factory sale store in downtown LA and paid $5 for it. The lovely little gold circle pins on my blazer are all vintage pieces that I picked up at a flea market in San Francisco.

Meeting with the Gov’na to grab a spot of “tea” at my local piano bar. 😉

I dedicate this post to Craig.

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