Corsets for curves!

Corsets are great because they hold everything where it should be: gut in, boobs up! All ladies (especially those with curves) should have a corset in their wardrobe!

I recommend starting off with a simple black corset with a steel busk. You can find one like this on eBay for less than $20. For corset beginners, I suggest going for the cheaper versions, made with plastic boning. Plastic boned corsets will start to lose their shape over a handful of wears (although you can still rock them, even if they are slightly out of shape), and they are not nearly as expensive as a fully steel boned corset which will run you at least 100+. The advantage of paying more for a steel boned corset is that it will hold its hourglass shape and is usually made with higher quality materials and fabrics. You can be sure a steel boned corset will last you much longer than the cheaper, plastic boned corset.

The great thing about corsets is that can be worn so many different ways and are always flattering to the figure no matter how big or how small you are. The cut of most corsets, whether its an overbust or an underbust, will create the most beautiful curves on ANY body shape thick or thin.

Corsets, oh my.

Try pairing a corset with skinny jeans, and a rockin’ pair of heels or wear it over a tailored white button up and a pencil skirt! Above, you can see I’ve created an outfit for going out on the town with an overbust corset, and then a more conservative outfit using an underbust corset over a tailored button up. You can either showoff your beautiful shoulders, or choose to cover up a little more with a cropped jacket or shrug. The possibilities are endless with a corset!

This year at the Burning Man festival I created a couple of my outfits/costumes from the use of corsets. One outfit was very burlesque, including a sweet mini top hat that I glued at least one hundred Swarovski crystals to in the shape of the Man. The bustle was found on Etsy and the corset is from eBay.

Another outfit I created using a simple black corset was my “post-apocalyptic warrior” sort of look. The BMorg asked the particpants not to bring feathers to the playa this year, due to the shedding factor and creating a mess. For the “feather” shrug I am wearing I simply used craft foam to create my own feathers and glued them all to some ribbon and felt, and added a magnificent piece to this outfit.

Finally, a more conservative, yet still fashionable and classy ensemble I created using a corset over a pencil skirt and turtleneck knitted top. I wore this outfit to a movie premiere at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood. Obviously, you can make an outfit like this less “costumey” by simply not wearing a mini top hat.

Whether you are going out to a club, being the best dressed person in the office orĀ  costuming, one thing is for sure:

Corsets: the best fashion garment for curvy (and skinny) girls everywhere!

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