Decompress in Style!

Ahhhh yes, a day in the park… not just any day in the park, but the 10th annual Burning Man, Los Angeles Decompression festival at LA Historical Park.

This particular event can be described as a small taste of Burning Man culture in the heart of Los Angeles. You’ll find large scale art installations, interactive theme camps, fire dancers, aerialists, art cars, happy people and my favorite… outrageous fashion. Burners (people who attend the Burning Man festival) love to exercise their radical self expression with fashion, one of the reasons I LOVE the Burning Man festival.

A few weeks ago my mom came over and had sewn me three items. The first and second items didn’t excite me too much, however she then pulled out a sparkly, silver, disco ball wad of cloth and wowed me!
Here’s the thing about my mom and me… We are almost complete opposites. I am very out-going, social, adventurous, playful and eccentric where as my mother has always been a homebody, and on the quieter side.  If we were an ice cream flavor… she would be vanilla and I would be cotton-candy-bubble-gum-birthday-cake-marshmellow-explosion.

So she shows up at my apartment with this awesome sparkly, wearable disco ball and I LOVE IT! My mom makes several attempts through out the year to get my “fashion tastes” and doesn’t always hit the nail on the head although I appreciate her efforts. So here we are, and she has sewn me this awesome top and is thrilled that I love it so of course I had to wear it to the Decompression festival.

Isn’t it fabulous?

The top runs a little big, so I gathered it in the back and safety pinned it to fit to my figure a little better. I thought it actually looked cuter with the way the cloth folded in the back.

My hat was decorated by me with a hundred or so Swarovski crystals glued to the top in the shape of the “Man” (the Burning Man icon), also a few more crystals glued to the roses on the hat. The band across my forehead I made that morning. Just glued a bunch of hematite Swarovski crystals to a thin ribbon and tied it on. The ring on my finger is so futurisitc looking and can actually be worn two different ways. Whether the point goes forward or backward, it’s an awesome ring. I found it a jewelry boutique in downtown LA.

As you can see, this particular day in the park brings out the most fabulous of fashions and you really get to see so much creativity. The last guy was great, he made his hat and his friend made him his suit… I thought he matched me quit well.

All in all the day was fantastic and everyone LOVED my top, and frankly the best part was saying, “My mom made it.”

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