Halloweens Past.

A few of my past looks for Halloween:

Back in 2006, I went for the late, great Steve Irwin (aka The Crocodile Hunter!)  who had just been killed a few weeks prior. Complete with my Australian beer and crocodile partner, I went on to win a few contests that year. One of my best costumes EVER.

In 2009 I went for a tamed down version Jessica Rabbit. I was working with what I already had, so I thought it came together well.

Again working with what I had, so I channeled the infamous, beautiful Marilyn in 2010. For the night’s festivities I made sure to be extra unstable and erratic in the true Marilyn fashion. One party I went to as regular, gorgeous Marilyn and the other I went as zombified Marilyn.

When you get dressed up as often as I do, Halloween almost seems like any other day of the year… The difference is on Halloween nobody questions me. 😉


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