1950’s Vintage Glamour.

Last year I had the pleasure of attending a fabulous little flea market on Treasure Island in San Francisco. Trinkets, gifts, jewelry and vintage galore! I came across a seller with a ton of vintage hats, and immediately had love at first sight for this beautiful beaded hat.

I’ve had the hat for over a year but I haven’t had a chance to wear it because I didn’t have the right dress. Finally, I stumbled upon the perfect dress.

Who doesn’t love mint? The texture, the taste, the color? Mint is all around fabulous and a fantastic color for any skin tone. I recently bought this dress off the 50% off rack at Blink in Downtown Disney.The perfect dress, in the perfect color to go with my perfect little 1950’s beaded cap.

Pastels, feminine frills (and polyester) were all the rage in the 1950’s, so this outfit might as well have been pulled out of a time capsule!

On this day, I ventured to the mall with my girlfriend to do a little shopping. Of course I get a lot of blank stares from most people, but it’s always worth it when I see little girls faces light up, their eyes widen and I hear “Mommy, mommy, look at the beautiful lady.” And as the mom whisks her off the other direction, without even turning around, the little girl’s head is turned all the way around watching me as long as she can. It means a lot to me because, I was SO that little girl when I was young… being mesmerized by glamorous women as they walked by. I hope that every one of those little girls grows up to love and live their own fashion fantasies and maybe even have a blog to go with it!

Shoes: Guess

Bag: Big Buddha

Dress: Almost Famous

Hat: Vintage (Marshall Field & Co.)

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