Holidays: Perfect time to turn up the glam!

Hair for the holidays!

Ahhh yes the holiday season, a time where adding flair to a work uniform or outfit comes easy. These snowflake earrings I’ve had for years and the I love them because they are not gawdy holiday jewelry. They are simple, clean, and have little rhinestones all over them. I found them at the Icing years ago, and I still get a lot of compliments on them every holiday season. In my hair, the clear strands with pearls on them are actually wedding floral arrangement decor I found at Michaels.

They are really inexpensive and I just cut off a few strands and tuck them into my hair like a head band. I use bobby pins if needed.The gorgeous poinsettia in my hair was also purchased at a craft store. A bunch of them for a couple bucks, a fantastic way to add some holiday flair for the budget conscious!

Head to your local craft shop and find your favorite flowers or holiday inspired pieces (holly berries, candy canes, ribbons, snowflakes, etc.) Then throw your hair into a ponytail or bun, and you can easily stick your holiday pieces in the side of your ponytail or bobby pin them in.

One of these pieces in the above left photo is actually just a decorative bow for wrapping presents. I just strategically jammed a bobby pin through it and voila, a great hair piece to add to some red and white flowers.

Nothing prettier than a bold, red poinsettia in a girl’s hair!









Happy holidays lovelies!



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