Falling for Jeffrey Campbell (a funny story)

Is it sad that I Googled “people falling in Jeffrey Campbell shoes?”

I’m bummed because I cannot find ANY articles or blogs about girls falling in Jeffrey Campbell shoes. There HAS to be people falling in these shoes… where are all the stories??? All I could find were articles about people falling FOR Jeffrey Campbells. Oh please… I already know how addicting they are… I just want to read about twisted ankles, wrecked shoes, embarrassment and the loss of pride, is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

I guess I am the ONLY one who stumbles in my JC shoes. Apparently all the others wearing JC’s are just floating around like perfect little JC fairies dancing on clouds. What the heck…

I guess I’ll start the trend and tell you about the worst stumble I’ve had in my Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Let me start by saying, I’ve never actually fallen to the ground in my shoes, but I have had some trips and stumbles (all played off as best as possible.) However there was one particularly embarrassing moment I had at school last semester.

Don’t let that flat bottom fool you…

There I was strutting through the parking lot… thinking I was all bad because of my big, bad, spiked platform Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The shoes naturally draw a lot of attention so I do get a lot of stares any time I’m wearing ANY of my JC’s. I go to take a step onto the curb, and in the blink of an eye, my foot rolls to the side, my arms go up in the air, a scream bursts from my voice box and in that very moment, all pride was lost. It looked a little something like this:

“I didn’t really stumble, I was just playing charades!”

I caught myself before actually falling to the ground and there was a girl right behind me who asked me if I was okay. In my embarrassment I just said, “Yeah I’m fine, the good thing is I’m getting used to stumbling in these shoes…” Ughhhhh.

Later that day as I headed back to my car, I decided to re-trace my steps to see if there was any uneven bricks or cracks that helped me to stumble off my shoes. As I reached ground zero, I saw nothing out of the ordinary except for…. a spike!!! I looked down at my shoe, and sure enough not one, but TWO spikes had been ripped out of my shoe from the fall earlier. Luckily I found both spikes and was able to re-install them onto the shoe. But yeah, no uneven bricks… just me not being able to stay upright.

Out of all my JC shoes, I am surprised that this particular pair is the hardest to walk in… I’ve stumbled in them 3 times now! It’s to a point, where I’m scared to wear them for fear of actually breaking an ankle (this girl does NOT have health insurance!) And for the record, I’ve been wearing heels since I was 5 (thanks to Grandma’s closet) and I am a pro in heels and platforms. I can run, kick and dance in the highest of shoes. I honestly don’t get why this particular pair gives me so much hassle. You would think since the bottom is flat, that they would be easy but oh no… it’s all a lie.

Anyway… maybe now some other JC girls will read this and blog about their falls, which will bring me much pleasure in reading. Hehehhe. If anyone finds anything on the subject, let me know!

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