Make a Statement!

I cut, sliced, and ripped my way into the crisp, sturdy cardboard box. Packing peanuts went flying as I searched for the shoe box somewhere inside this sea of white marshmallows. Finally I grab hold, pull it out, and set it on the floor.

Time came to a standstill and without even noticing, I held my breath and bit my lip as I lifted the lid. Rays of sunshine burst out of the box blinding my sight instantaneously and music rang loud all around!

I couldn’t figure out how rays of sunshine had blinded me. How could this be, coming out from a box? As I regained my site, I peered down at my brand new beauties. It was then that I realized, indeed sun rays had escaped the box. The shiny golden spikes and studs covering the back of the leather boots had reflected the bright Californian sun into my face.

I grabbed them up, slid them on, and sashayed around the house to get a feel for them. They fit like a glove and gave me an entirely new perspective on the world by adding about 5 inches to my height. My new Damsels. *sigh*

What’s that? We’re going to the mall? Perfect. Time to suit up with my new Damsels.


I’ve learned a lot about myself through style blogging. I’ve realized most of looks never feature just one statement piece. Usually I’ve got statement shoes, statement jewelry, statement hair and sometimes even statement makeup. It makes sense, since my whole life I’ve never held back to make a statement, verbally or visually.

In mainstream fashion, all these statement pieces in one outfit would be unacceptable. But I would hardly call my style of dress mainstream in any sort of way. As long as I can remember I’ve always used fashion to visually express my loud, out-going and firey personality. When you have a personality like mine, you just can’t help wearing 5 statement pieces at once. Besides what one person might to refer to as “statement” I might refer to as “details…”

Sunglasses and bag: Big Buddha

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Jacket: Goodwill

Top: Wet Seal (on the clearance rack! hey hey heeey!)

Skirt, tights and socks: Ross

All jewelry came from sample sales.

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