Never Again 90’s.

When you look at past decades of women’s fashion all the way to the beginning of the 1900’s it’s hard to not love what you see. Frilly ruffles, soft materials, delicate beaded gloves, feathered hats, bold shoes and a shocking variety of hems and waistlines.

Fashion through the decades. 1910’s to 1980’s.

During the late 60’s and 70’s is when fashion trends started to venture off the beaten path, however most of the trends ( platform shoes, high waisted pants, and bold prints for example) were and still remain highly fashionable.

Then the 80’s happened. What happened in the 1980’s, I don’t know but fashion took a running dive off the deep end and so the fashion of the 1990’s turned into the dead, decaying, awful bloated corpse of 80’s fashion. Yes the 80’s was bad… but the 90’s? It’s like fashion wasn’t even trying.

Not. Even. Trying.

The worst part about it all? We are about to experience a full fledged 90’s fashion re-run as the pitiful decade of “fashion” comes back into style. I’ve seen 90’s trends creeping around in the shadows for a few years now (stomaching the vomit every time), but lately it’s creeping into the spotlight and I cannot figure out, why oh why are people finding this attractive? The 90’s was BY FAR the WORST decade of fashion EVER!!! I thought this was mutually agreed upon by everyone who can see, but apparently there is an entire breed of fashionista’s who think they’re doing something revolutionary by wearing an over-sized acid washed denim jacket with Aztec trim and smells like an old rabbit cage.

Big yellow smiley faces, over-sized flannel, body suits, paint splattered everything, nasty bungeed denim, OVERALLS and yin yangs are back; and people are actually buying it! Hopefully after a year or so people will realize their dire mistakes of reviving 90’s fashion and send it all back to where it came from… the 25 cent bin at the thrift store.

I know all the little 90’s fashion loving hipsters are crying right now…. “But… but… it’s VINTAGE!” Vintage it may be (in about another decade) HOWEVER, vintage or not, 90’s fashion is just plain ugg! Just because they wore it on Saved By the Bell and the Cosby show, doesn’t make it cute NOW.

Fashion from the 90’s decade should be locked into a box and mailed to NEVER AGAIN.

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