OH EMM GEEEEE! I’m on Wheel of Fortune tonight!!!!

WOW! I haven’t checked my phone or computer all day, due to a long school day and I actually forgot about the episode airing tonight until I began to check my social networks.

First of all, thank you so SO much to every single one of you out there that was interested enough to find me here. I really appreciate it so much. I spend a lot of time and effort on my blog and it makes me so happy to know that people actually checked it out. Like it or not, thank you for looking!

I may not have won a ton of cash on the show, but the traffic alone is worth so much to me. I have been blogging for a while and it’s hard to get people to pay attention…. so thanks WoF for letting me name drop my blog on national television!!!! (Although it should be noted, they didn’t actually “let” me… I just did what any go-getter would do, and dropped the name when the camera was rolling.)

Thanks again to all you lovely guys and dolls! If you like what I do, please follow me here, Facebook or Instagram! I’m not trying to make money, just trying to inspire and share my art of style.

All my love,




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