Being on the Wheel of Fortune!

I can now say I have lived an American dream. Not only did I accomplish being a contestant on Wheel, but 5 years ago I also conquered Price Is Right (with Bob Barker, so it’s legit.) On Price Is Right I had the winning bet on a huge collection of children’s books (which are now the perfect gift EVERY holiday for my niece and nephew.) I got up on stage to play the dice game to win a Ford Mustang and failed miserably. Even when I spun the wheel I failed miserably. Although I lost big time, it was still a really fun, unique experience. I never thought I’d make it onto another game show… but then…..

The year was 2011. I was walking to my morning class at beautiful California State University Long Beach when I saw the huge painted banner that read: Wheel of Fortune auditions today! I thought to myself, ” If they came to ME, it is meant to be that I go audition.”

I didn’t know any of the 200 or so students auditioning in the auditorium. Most everyone was with their group of friends or a single buddy. And there I was alone, knowing that I had to make myself memorable if I wanted to get on the show. I was disappointed to see so many people not taking the audition seriously. They lacked volume, or personality or literally had nothing to say. I kept telling myself, “I’m in it to win it! I will do what it takes to make it on the show.” And that I did. I gave them all the personality, all the volume, all the enthusiasm and all the wild antics a game show could ever want. Of course, in the audience all I could hear were crickets chirping after each and every one of my antics, and it was a bit uncomfortable being so over the top, knowing I didn’t have any friendly support. But I did it. And then a few weeks later I got letter in the mail inviting me to a second audition over in Culver City.

I nailed that audition as well. From my perspective it’s easy to get on the show. They tell you exactly what they want from you (volume, speak clearly, be fun, be enthusiastic) and all you have to do is deliver it. You do all that and the chances of getting on are pretty good. Low and behold a couple weeks later I got the call, announcing that I was picked to be on the show at some point within a year.

Fast forward almost an entire year later and my show is finally scheduled for sometime in the early December of 2012. They film 6 shows in a day, so there is about 20 of us contestants there for one day of filming. It’s a lot of fun, you meet cool people and there is an overwhelming sense of excitement blanketing you up until it’s all over. I figured since I lost so bad on Price Is Right, that Wheel was my redemption game show.

I played my show with Beau and Kristy and it’s incredible how fast the show tapes and it truly was all a blur. One minute I was introducing myself, excitement overload on the possible chance of me walking away with thousands and the next minute I was being ushered away, having not solved a singe puzzle or banked any amount at all. I was super bummed. To put into perspective, let me remind you that I knew I’d be on the show for an entire year. That means for one year, I dreamed about being on the show. I dreamed about winning big, dreamed about possible trips I could have won, or what I might do with a few extra dollars in my bank account. I knew I was good at the game, so I imagined that I would do well.

But there I was at the end of the game, with nothing. I was given the “thanks for being here prize” of $1000. I have to say, I was disappointed in the way it all turned out, but kept my game face on considering it was national TV.






Took me a few days to process everything that had happened and the next thing to do was wait until it aired to experience the excitement and trauma all over again. Hahaha.

My episode aired on January 24th and it was an absolute blast to watch. My social networks (Instagram, FB, etc.) began jumping off the charts once the episode aired on the East coast. Thanks to the mention of my blog on the show, the traffic was so high on my site, that it actually crashed for a short time; every blogger’s dream.  My blog got a record number of almost 6,000 hits the night my episode aired and I gained a lot of new followers through my various social networks. I never ever thought I’d get as much feedback as I did. People from all over wrote to me with well wishes, support and admiration for my style (and hair, LOL). It was SO AWESOME. My friends were all super happy for me and sent me messages that just put huge smiles on my face.

Even though I didn’t win big money, I won an incredible experience that will hopefully open doors for me in the future and who knows, maybe even help me land a job where I can then earn some big money!

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