Cold Weather in California?

Although it rarely happens, it DOES get cold in Southern California… Of course my version of cold is any temp below 60 (then again, I am desert native.) This winter we’ve definitely had some bouts of COLD cold! But you know what that means? Time for layers and one of my favorite accessories… scarves!!!!

Black, white, hot pink OH MY! Love these colors together! A scarf is an easy way to make a colorless, boring outfit fun and bold!


This outfit came together with the help of my all my favorite places to shop… mainly Ross and sample sales!!! The gorgeous coat I’m wearing is from an Abbott & Main sample sale and I scored it for a mere $35!!! The material is incredible soft and the details on the coat are endless. Truly an amazing find!

On my ankle is a unique piece of jewelry I found at a small boutique in L.A. It is meant to be worn over your shoes and works like a basic anklet. This scarf I found in the lost and found at my job, and so after it had been there a while, I took it home, washed it and made it my own.

Although I prefer the heat, ain’t nothin wrong with a few weeks of cold weather to allow my coats and scarves to get a work out!

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