Flea Market Fun


Is that a cut up, studded pajama top I’m wearing?!?!? 😉

Aren’t these amazing?! Hair picks from my one of favorite accessory designers, Antickquites. You can find her link at the bottom of the post.

Who doesn’t love flea markets?! If you don’t, you’re crazy… unless it’s the “flea market” in San Bernardino… then I get it. The San B flea market is more like a giant outdoor grocery store selling Dial soap and expired bags of Funyuns. If you’re lucky you might be able to get a new garden hose at a decent price, but other than that, chances of finding vintage or unique items are better at other flea markets outside the Inland Empire.

Luckily the fabulous city of Long Beach has a rather large antique market held once a month a few miles from where I live, so my girlfriend and I had to check it out. I was feeling gold hardware on this day, so I had to bust out my JC spiked Litas!

I was really impressed with the Long Beach market. I was in heaven with all the vintage booths selling arrays of vintage jewelry, hats, furs and clothes. I even came across a beautiful Christian Dior fascinator style hat from the 60’s! I got a bunch of cool photos of unique items, but I accidentally deleted them all off my phone. Booooo.

I did manage to save one photo that you may have already seen posted on Instagram. As I was combing the aisles, this necklace came into vision and my eyes focused in on it while everything else just blurred around it. Perfection!

This necklace oozes glamour all over! I loved it! It reminds me of the necklace that Caroline wears on the hilarious television show: Two Broke Girls.

The necklace was beautiful and grand sitting there just begging me to take it home. Unfortunately $75 dollars was not in my budget for a necklace. Oh well. Perhaps it will come to me later in life.

I did end up finding a black mourning hat made of wool and with a netted veil for $5. I will most likely alter the hat so it’s not so depressing looking. Perhaps I’ll remove the veil and add some colored feathers into the band. I also scored this vintage, chunky, gold link necklace from a seller for a negotiated $8.

A fun and successful day at the Long Beach flea market!


Shirt: Glam Dollz

Pants: Denizen from Levi’s (for Target)

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Spiked 2 Litas)

Bag: Big Buddha

Hairpicks: Antickquities


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