Holy Holographic!

The last time I was into holograms and holographic material I was a young kid in the 90’s. I collected pogs and stickers. Pogs and stickers were cool, but when you got HOLOGRAPHIC pogs or stickers, it was like an entirely new level of extreme awesomeness.

Well holographic material is cooler than its ever been, coming in new forms far superior to pogs and stickers. Lately it’s been on bags, shoes, cell phone cases, even nail polish! And you know what? It looks damn cool in every shape and form.

This is definitely one of the few trends from the 90’s that I’m loving a re-run of. Holographic material pairs well with almost any color and it totally adds a fun, psychedelic, and futuristic element to an outfit.

A while back I stopped in at one of my favorite places to treasure hunt… Ross. I usually find a lot of good stuff at Ross and every now and then I find an absolute TREASURE. This was one of those days. As I combed through their sloppy aisles of handbags haphazardly hanging here, there and piled onto the floor, something caught my eye. Way in the back of about 20 small handbags all on one arm, a certain purse gleamed.

In an overly excited rush I managed to detangle it from the plethora of purses in an instant. A small hand bag by Nine West… in the most beautiful iridescent holographic material. It was love at first sight.

I couldn’t believe I found such a gorgeous, trendy bag. I always do my research because I like to know how much I saved, and I found this bag retails for around 40-50 dollars. I scored this beauty for $15!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! It was meant to be. An absolute treasure.

Th good news is that I’m sure this trend will carry all the way through summer if not the whole year. So if you haven’t jumped on the hologram train yet, there’s still plenty of time. Last I checked Urban Outfitters had a whole load of holographic items and I think Forever 21 has a few pairs of holographic shoes. When in doubt, search the internets for exactly what you want.

Happy treasure hunting!


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