Almost to the Finish Line….

I really want these Jeffrey Campbell shoes to wear for my graduation in May. They are currently out of stock, but I’m sure they’ll be back sometime soon. I wear a size 8. Just letting ya’ll know in case you were planning on getting me something. 😉 You can find them HERE.

They are so hot, and so perfect. My school colors are black, gold and white. I already have the pasty white legs, so now I just need the black and gold.

I plan on bedazzling the crap out of my graduation garb and you bes believe there will be tons of photos. I’m gonna have to bust out the water proof makeup because I’m most definitely going to be shedding some tears (of joy!!!)

Anyway, I’m super excited and it’s just around the bend! More to come about it later.

Good day lovelies.

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