Something To Celebrate!

Hello lovelies, guess what? Today marks the one year anniversary of launching my blog!! Wowie wow wow, a whole year dedicating so much time, effort and patience to this online documentary of my personal style endeavors!

Check out my first month of blogging here in the April 2012 archive. (The very first entry is at the bottom.)

Even in just one year’s time my blog has evolved so much. I’m sure many of you recall the plethora of different layouts and color schemes I’ve used over the year. Of course the biggest change of all, was changing my blog’s title and domain address. Yes it’s true for my new readers, Rebecca Glam is formerly known as “It’s Called Style, Baby.” Some of my old photos have my old domain watermarked onto them. I changed my blog title to something more simplistic and memorable last fall. What a PAIN that was! If you ever decide to start a blog, make sure you are going to love the name/domain for the long haul, because it is not fun or easy to switch once you’ve established something.

Now that I’m all settled in with my blog, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect header for my site. A graphic that is crisp, clean, unique and glamorous. Not sure if I’ll ever get it, but maybe someday. I hope to continue on with my blog, and progressively get better at it with time. I knew nothing about blogging or having my own site when I started this journey last year… and frankly I still don’t! Hahaha. Okay okay so I’ve learned a lot, but of course there’s always room to grow.

Here’s a lovely little anniversary photo compilation of the past year’s style and blog posts.

Since a year ago today, my blog has received over 30,000 hits!!!

I’d like to thank everyone who pushed, supported, shared, advised, liked and read my blog over the year. Special thanks to those that have shared my blog on their Facebook feeds, told their friends about it, commented, and who really interacted with my blog. Seriously, even the littlest comment means a lot to me. Without people being interested, I wouldn’t have motivation to continue on. So THANK YOU ALL SO SOOOO MUCH! You’ll never know just how much I appreciate all of your support. <3

Much love,



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