Blog Laggin’

Hey lovelies… sorry I’ve been laggin’ so hard on my blog as of late. Been busy with life you know? Job hunting has been relentless and I was losing hope. Leave it to Craigslist to lead me to my next adventure. I spotted an ad and as many of you already know, I landed a job as a stylist at the world renowned shopping destination Fred Segal!

fred_segalI went in for an interview and they hired me on the spot and I started the next day. I’ve had 4 shifts total so far and I have to say I’m really diggin’ it. Sure, I am still in the honeymoon phase, however I feel more full-filled utilizing my talents for selling and styling. Our clothes are just incredible and I’m learning sooooo much sooooo fast. Granted, high end fashion has never really been my thing, however I can sure style it like any other garment. Perhaps this is my stepping stone to upping my fashion game.

Regardless of whether I love it or dislike it down the road… it is a new learning experience, new potential opportunities and will look great on my résumé. I am damn proud to say I work for Fred Segal.

In other news,  I finally dragged out all my dusty Burning Man gear the past couple of days to prepare for this year’s journey. Unfortunately I have let all my fashion fans down because I didn’t make ANYTHING for this year’s Burn. My motivation and creativity just wasn’t around this summer. I suppose being busy with moving, and finding a job will counter creativity. So yeah, I have nothing new to debut for this year’s Burn, which is disappointing. Costuming is what I do best at Burning Man. It’s my art that I bring to the playa, and I seriously lagged on it this year. So when next summer rolls around, I hope you will bug me to get my costuming butt in gear.




I leave on Sunday for the remote Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada to spend a week frolicking  under the sun and dancing through the playa. New outfits or not, it will still be an amazing journey and yet another magical, difficult, eye opening, AMAZING week in Black Rock City.


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