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Simple, easy, style.


This look was as easy as taking two basic pieces; a black tank top and leggings, and then adding in color with accessories. I like to have better quality basics, and then statement pieces are fun to find second hand by thrifting, checking out consignment stores and one of my favorite shopping destinations Crossroads Trading Company.simplestyle























Leggings: Lysse

Hat: Forever 21 (added my own peacock feather)

Kimono style duster: found at Crossroads Trading Co in Santa Monica

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (from Nasty Gal)



Photos taken by Cooper Griggs. <3

Status Update 2015

When I look back at 2014, I realized I had some fabulous ensembles I threw together. I also had some awesome photographers capture my photo. Although these photos weren’t taken for the purposes of posting them to my blog, I wanted to post some of my favorite outfits, looks and photos from my 2014.


I don’t just “get dressed…” I create ART!

A Dash of Vinca!

All black everything… it’s a great look. It really never fails. Perhaps I should be living in New York? Pfffft, no way, I prefer my California sunshine. <3


 This particular outfit incorporates some goth, and my favorite comic book character of all time: Catwoman. I don’t know, I just feel a little Catwoman-ish in this ensemble. I think its probably those heeled boots I have on… which I found at Ross for $20 btw!!! Yessssss.

But seriously, the white hair, the red lips and nails and the silver accents just look so fierce altogether. How bout those accessories huh? You’ve seen a lot of these pieces in other posts, however my unique crow necklace is totes new to this blog. The necklace is from Vinca jewelry and it’s all made here in the USA (yesss!) I picked up a couple of fabulous pieces from Vinca but the crows are my absolute favorite.

What a unique piece right? Crows…? A lil’ Alfred Hitchcock piece perhaps? I ran over a crow once. It was the worst. I felt its skull pop under my tire. I cried for at least 8 minutes. It was terrible. But forgive me, this isn’t a roadkill blog. ; )

So yeah, I LOVE the absurdity of those shiny black crows gliding over my collarbones having people ponder the what the piece is about. The necklace has got that unique edge that I just love… Thanks for the creativity Vinca!

Also thanks goes out to my photographer of the day, Cooper Griggs. He was kind enough to snap these shots and make them beautiful for me! Thanks Coop!




Jacket: Tripp NYC

Pants: SOLD Design Lab

Boots: Found at Ross

Necklace: Vinca Jewelry


Fringe Me Baby.

Getting these photos was a total covert operation. My buddy Cooper and I scoped out this location by “trespassing” onto the innards of the Mar Vista post office. We scaled their parking garage like ninjas, avoiding the “man” all the way to the top. That’s how we roll….


This rad fringed top was sent to me courtesy of the bad ass clothing company Iron Fist. For all the fierce, edgy and not afraid to be yourself divas out there, you simply must check their site! They’re even offering a sweet discount to my readers, just click the graphic at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to use the discount code Rebecca13. Iron Fist is definitely not your run of the mill fashion and this top was one of my favs!!! Unlike a typical skeleton screen print, this particular design has a gorgeous floral motif woven under the rib cage which adds a little touch of femininity to the wicked cool design. And who doesn’t love fringe?!?!?!

The denim really takes the outfit down a notch and makes it a little more versatile for every day wear. However, depending on your height, you could possibly wear it as a dress with some fun stockings under or a short skirt.






Shirt: Iron Fist Clothing

Jacket: MyTribe 

Jeans: SOLD Design Lab

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Event Platform


When Clothing is Art…


The jacket is by My Tribe and is made of leather and suede strips all individually sewn onto a rayon backing. It’s lightweight, stretchy and STUNNING! I absolutely adore the the rippled effect of the leather strips. Edgy, fierce and glamorous. This jacket IS art.



Jacket: My Tribe 

Shirt: Sans Souci

Leggings: Lysse

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Sunnies: DIY

Annnnnnnd….. I’m back.

So obviously I have been MIA for like…. EVER. Sorry bout that. As you all know I got a new job (if you don’t know I am now working as a stylist for a boutique at Fred Segal) and for the first time in my life I am working full time. Five days a week, nine hour days. Definitely something I am getting used to. And speaking of my job… guess who is totally OWNING her position?!?!? Little do my clients realize this is my first actual job in the industry because they regularly tell me what a bad ass babe I am. And the best part? I LOVE helping these women!

Not only am I excelling at the job, but my boss totes loves me and is putting me on a fast track for success. I am thrilled. This job is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone in certain areas of life, and challenging me to grow along with the career and I am soooo signed up because I see so much potential in where ever I end up with Fred Segal. Plus I’ve been hooked up with quite a few pieces of clothes which is always a nice perk.

On another note, that thing in the desert I go to every year, Burning Man, yeah…. it was great as usual. This year was particularly eye opening, challenging, mind bending and frankly, it changed my life. I have always heard people say “Burning Man changed my life…” and after 5 years of attending, I totally get it. Damn you Burning Man. Damn you. I wasn’t necessarily in the market for my life to be changed, but I guess that’s what life is all about. One book, different chapters.

So as for my blog, I am devastated that I haven’t had as much time as usual to spend on it. Not sure if you all realize how much time and effort goes into regularly keeping up a blog, but now that I am settling into my job, and my new city (btw Culver City is AMAZING!!!) I am going to try to get back on my blogging wagon. And I’ll start by sharing this fabulous story from today:

I went to scope out the goods at my local Ross and while sashaying through the shoe trenches I came across a lone pair Dolce Vita mega platform booties!


I snatched them up quicker than humming bird flaps its wings. Seeing Dolce Vita at Ross does happen but it’s rare. I knew for a fact these shoes were once selling for $185 on Nasty Gal. After salivating over their beauty, I looked at the price tag. EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. Seriously. $18 pieces of paper with George Washington on them was all Ross wanted for these exquisite Dolce Vita boots. It’s always fun finding a great deal.




Pin Up Style, Baby!

Remember I went to a pinup shoot a while back? (In case you missed it, you can read about it HERE.) I helped style some of the girls, and I got a few sessions of my own in. Of the four different looks we shot, I’ve received the sets from two of the photographers that day. They came out so great and I am one lucky girl getting to participate in the day’s festivities.

This set was shot by professional photographer, Isaac Suttell. Please see Isaac’s website for more of his phenomenal work!

Isaac’s photos came out absolutely stunning and I couldn’t be more honored to have had him shoot me. On a personal note, I’m not one for being tan, however this particular set of photos inspires me to get a little more sun this summer! Hehehee. Although I must say, Isaac captured me as a porcelain doll. Thank you Isaac!