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Uniform Freedom

Yes, I am the weirdo in the bathroom that when you walk in, I’m standing in front of the mirror taking outfit selfies. Of course once you burst in, I quickly lower my phone and turn my body to pretend I wasn’t just taking 20 pictures of myself. LOL! We’ve all been there. We’ve either been that person, or we’ve seen that person.

I take a photo of my outfit every day at work, so here I am being that girl.




…and there you have it. My work uniform is whatever my little fashionista heart desires. I hope to make this a regular installment on my blog, featuring five outfits from recent days. What is your favorite outfit?

Goth is Dead!

Ugh, when will all these goth kids GET IT?! Goth is DEAD! 😉 Just like punk is dead, emo is dead, disco is dead, skater is dead, Lolita is dead, and blah blah blah. But guess what…? I dress how I want!


What’s that? I’m invited to Bat’s Day at Disneyland? Well of course I’d love to go! Any excuse to play dress up! I wanted to explore the newest form of Gothic styling known as “pastel Goth” which basically includes all the lovely shades of black and rich textures; but features touches of soft pastel colors. All the cool kids seem to be doing it, so I wanted to be cool too.


The Raid Shoe, by Jeffrey Campbell


DIY chain & mirror harness.



Iridescent, pastel and holographic handbag is by Nine West. This purse is EVERYTHING!


A day filled with laughs, waiting in lines, giggling, photo taking, booze, more laughing and aching legs due to wearing brand new leather platforms to a giant amusement park. Although I don’t label myself as Gothic (or ever claimed to be “Goth”) I do adore Gothic fashion. Bat’s Day is a spectacular day to see all forms of Gothic styling from classy, really high end Victorian gowns to Hot Topic punk kids. Of course there is still a presence of mainstream public, so Bat’s Day is quite the interesting spectacle for those unaware of this special gathering.



Shirt: Velvet Heart

Corset & Garter Stockings: eBay

Skirt: Guess (I found it in a thrift store!)

Socks: Karmaloop

Shoes: Raid, by Jeffrey Campbell

Coat: Forever 21

Purse: Nine West


Rebecca Glam’s Guide to Online Shopping: Nasty Gal

Nasty-Gal-logo-640x212I heard of Nasty Gal by word of mouth. As I sat silently in my fashion industry introduction class last year, I listened to the gossip girls near me flaunting their latest purchases from “Nasty Gal.” Of course I went home and looked up the site, and low and behold I’ve found a new addiction. This whole time I’ve been thrifting, deconstructing and modifying my wardrobe to have that darker, edgier look. Nasty Gal comes along and offers it all to me in one central location, a wide array of styles, and has something for every budget. I still thrift, and make my own garments as my creativity allows but it’s nice to have a beautifully designed site to gaze upon in the late hours of the night, salivating over studs, shoes and shirts.

nastygalsophiaNasty Gal is a fairly new fashion powerhouse… err, I mean power-site. You may have heard of the up and coming Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal. She’s recently been in the news for her rise to the top of her industry. Nasty Gal started as a store on eBay back in 2006, and has blossomed into the online women’s retail site you see now. They have no stores as of now, strictly online shopping. At Nasty Gal you can find a massive collection of trendy, avant garde, vintage, sparkly, studded, lacey, and gorgeous garments. They have dresses, shoes, accessories, and everything you need to look dashing from head to toe.



In addition to the main categories, they also have a fantastic SALE section for all the gals and pals on a budget. If your like me (on a budget for now!) then the SALE section is for us! One of my favorite, most versatile shirts I purchased on sale from the Nasty Gal SALE page. This staple shirt has a very nice feel to it, and can be worked into endless outfits. I got it for $20!



If the above aren’t reason enough, Nasty Gal now offers free returns! No risk shopping! Any site that does free returns and/or free shipping is one to bookmark and Nasty Gal is finally on board. Recently I received a lovely pair of JC’s for my birthday, however I had an issue with them and needed to return them. I called, and the customer service was on point and my exchange was super easy! Another reason I love shopping at Nasty Gal. 


If I were an online women’s retail store, I’d be Nasty Gal. Be confident, be sassy and turns heads when you enter a room! Nasty Gal offers the seeds to plant and grow your very own dream closet.

See for yourself, check out the site by clicking the logo at the top of the page!

Festive in February!

February is sort of a drab month for me. I never felt too great about the month you know? January is cool because everyone’s all excited about a new year, new changes, and wonder what adventures await them. Then February rolls around and you stop going to the gym, the excitement fades and  the reality sinks in that it’s just another year. But on the bright side, February does offer up Pisces (Love all you Pisces out there!) and two fun, festive holidays: Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day!

This was my look for last year’s Mardi Gras (2012)… I didn’t celebrate, I just did this for work. Hair picks from Antickquities.

Below is my look for last year’s Valentine’s Day as well. Again, this look was for going to work and being festive.

I didn’t get many pictures from this year’s Valentine’s day, however after spending a nice chunk of time on my hair, I had to capture this:

Gotta love that pin up look for lover’s day! I’ve received many requests on doing a hair swirl/pompadour tutorial and I’ve actually made attempts at this project, but it has yet to be perfected. Maybe some day…

As for Mardi Gras this year, I went all out. I was going to be volunteering at a booth from an on campus club I recently joined, the Student Communication Association. Our club was amongst a plethora of clubs offering Mardi Gras related activities, club information and general recruitment.

I made my top hat last year and never got an opportunity to wear it, so I styled my Mardi Gras outfit all around my hat. This hat took me over 7 hours of hand gluing Swarovski crystals and it needed to shine!

The night before I constructed the feather and beaded epaulette on my right shoulder, and my vintage gold sequined skirt and Jeffrey Campbell Damsel’s completed the look! Head to toe festive and FABULOUS!

My friend April joined the party also dressed head to toe in fabulous festive Mardi Gras garb, with her own personal flair. We were definitely the best dressed on campus that day, and we rocked our ensembles throughout the entire day.

Wedding Guest Glamour!

What better place to GLAM IT UP than a wedding?! Not all of us get to float over red carpets or enjoy the races, so why not get dolled to the nines for a wedding?

I was recently lucky enough to acquire an insanely gorgeous Arturo Rios masterpiece of a hat.

My new art piece to add to my collection.

Arturo Rios is a Los Angeles based couture hat designer, specializing in avant garde fascinators and high fashion head wear. You can find these and many other styles on his Etsy shop (as well as specialty boutiques and his website.)

Naturally I had to wear this amazing hat to a December wedding I was to attend. I had the perfect little red dress to pair it with.

My shoes are the lovely Corleone’s by Jeffrey Campbell and my beaded clutch is from Big Buddha. Luckily I had my gorgeous vintage fox fur to drape over my shoulders, and my sweet little black hand gloves for the perfect touch. What I find amusing, is the dress I’m wearing was the least expensive item of everything I have on! I got this dress for $8 at a small overstock/ sample shop in downtown LA’s garment district.

This look is certainly not for the shy personality, but it was a lot of fun to pull off and I felt like a glamorous princess all day! The wedding was fabulous, and despite no heel on my shoe, I danced all night long! 😉

Oh Jeffrey Campbell, how I love thee…

Alright guys and dolls… if you’ve been following me, you know about Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I was late on the trend, but discovered JC at the beginning of this year and it really was love at first sight! What’s not to love about he variety of textures, fabrics and colors? What’s not to love about the the wedges, the heels or lack there of a heel?! Or what about all those intricate, rich looking embellishments?!

JC Shoes are really like pieces of art you can wear. Normally I am not one to frivolously spend on shoes, however I don’t see it as buying up a bunch of shoes. Instead I see it as building up my art collection. Isn’t that a great justification?! Justified or not… I am addicted to JC shoes and may need a family and friends intervention at some point. 😉

I recently added these 3 pairs new pairs to my collection (all on sale of course!):

I definitely need to consider some sort of shelving system because my shoe collection… uhhh, I mean ART collection is out of control!

Do you like any of these and would you dare to wear any of these? The heel less platforms aren’t as difficult to walk in as you might think!

Buy Jeffrey Campbell shoes:

Nordstrom                            Nasty Gal

Solestruck                           Tilted Sole


This is Halloween.

Another day of the year for me to dress up. I love it!

This year I didn’t have an actual “costume” I just threw a bunch of stuff together to create a look. Sort of a hippie, gypsy, gothic tribes woman sort of deal. I nicknamed this look: Diamond Sinclair.


A few of my favorite Halloween moments from this year…

Top photo: My dear friend Lisa is now… a ZOMBIE!!!

Middle photo: Willow giving us the best La Llorona.

Bottom photo: Andrea monitoring the halls and writing people up. (The wig was not an original part of her costume, but was added later due to the pure hilarity of it.)

I hope your Halloween was filled with fantastic costuming, candy and memories!