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Cruella, Cruella De Vil

Halloween 2014 brought on one of the best costumes I have ever pulled together. Miss Cruella De Vil, a classic Disney villain that utilizes one of my favorite color palettes!

Naturally, with my insatiable love for all things glamour, creating her look wouldn’t be too difficult as it just so happened that we had this funky, polka dotted Isabel De Pedro dress on sale at work, and so I was able to work it into my own glamorous rendition of the wild fur lover, Miss De Vil.

I wore the entire ensemble to work at Fred Segal and was heavily applauded for my artistry. On my break I strolled through downtown Santa Monica and the masses just loved it. I had cars drive by and yell, “Cruelllllaaaaaaa!” and lots of people ask for photos. It felt amazing!


Dress: Isabel De Pedro

Coat: UNIF

Shoes: Michael KorsCruella-DeVil-WM

The name is Cherry.

What is more fun than dressing up in an outlandish ensemble? Dressing in an outlandish ensemble with a character to match the outfit!

At last week’s Burning Man festival I went about my day with a character, complete with an English accent. With the help of my fellow camp mates, we decided on the name Cherry Poppins to go along with the red hair and sassy attitude.

I was so thrilled to finally have enough energy and fuel to go into the day. The whole week I had spent the days sleeping around camp wherever I could. This particular Burn was really hard on my body and energy levels. The first few days were spent acclimating to the harsh desert conditions and I wasn’t feeling well enough to spend a lot of energy getting all jazzed up during the days. By Thursday morning I was feeling well and ready to go out into the city as Cherry Poppins.

To top off the outfit I wore my incredible Burning Man medallion that I received as a gift at the 2011 Burn. This piece is absolutely stunning and is the greatest physical gift I’ve been given in my 4 years of participating in the festival. The pendant is double sided and on the other side, the Man stands in the center of the globe. A fantastic piece of jewelry indeed, and is adored by many. I feel so lucky to have been in the right place, at the right time… and had the right outfit on!!! (I was given this piece because the man loved my outfit.)

Probably one of my most favorite outfits of the week, and it was appreciated by many. If only I could dress this way regularly in the default world…

Trust in your captain.

In another life, I was probably a captain of some kind. Naturally, I love the captain hat; worn by those in power and worn by leaders. As a full blown Aries I often find myself in a leader position. I am not afraid to take the reins, and I am not afraid of risks.


I certainly don’t care for ordinary.

There are days and events I attend where a captain’s hat does wonders. It is an unusual choice for a hat but it gives the wearer a commanding presence.  When wearing my captain’s hats, it’s like a whole new take on the world. Confidence levels soar, a strong attitude takes over and by simply putting on a hat, the world is your oyster.

In this ensemble, I take on a entire persona. Nadya Kovalenko is her name. She came to America to further her education and to get out of her native land, Romania. Yes, I have thought this through. I have an entire back story for Nadya, complete with an excellent Romanian accent. When out and about in military garb, I tend to take on this persona. Not only is it great fun for me, most people get a kick out of it and enjoy interacting with “Nadya.” This captain hat is  from the Romanian Airforce, specifically an aircraft mechanic’s captain hat. It dates to roughly 40 years ago. This particular day I attended a military antique roadshow and decided to go dressed up. The event was filled with mostly veterans, antique shoppers and older men. As I walked down the rows I had eyes glued to me and necks were breaking. It was awesome. I even had two fellows (much older fellows) give me their card and try to score a date. I politely and tactfully declined. Most were very sweet, complimentary and expressed their adoration for my ensemble. Had I gone in an ordinary outfit, it would have been an ordinary day… BORING!

This was on New Year’s Eve 2010-2011. This hat is Russian Airforce and dates roughly within the past 30-40 years. I was attending an all night party where fashion tends to be extreme. My favorite! In addition to my statement hat, I carried a wooden staff with a skull all night long. I joked with people and said he was my date. Great conversation pieces, yet another reason to take risks in fashion…

  Unless  you were on the Costa Concordia, you should always trust in your captain.