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Status Update 2015

When I look back at 2014, I realized I had some fabulous ensembles I threw together. I also had some awesome photographers capture my photo. Although these photos weren’t taken for the purposes of posting them to my blog, I wanted to post some of my favorite outfits, looks and photos from my 2014.


I don’t just “get dressed…” I create ART!

Cruella, Cruella De Vil

Halloween 2014 brought on one of the best costumes I have ever pulled together. Miss Cruella De Vil, a classic Disney villain that utilizes one of my favorite color palettes!

Naturally, with my insatiable love for all things glamour, creating her look wouldn’t be too difficult as it just so happened that we had this funky, polka dotted Isabel De Pedro dress on sale at work, and so I was able to work it into my own glamorous rendition of the wild fur lover, Miss De Vil.

I wore the entire ensemble to work at Fred Segal and was heavily applauded for my artistry. On my break I strolled through downtown Santa Monica and the masses just loved it. I had cars drive by and yell, “Cruelllllaaaaaaa!” and lots of people ask for photos. It felt amazing!


Dress: Isabel De Pedro

Coat: UNIF

Shoes: Michael KorsCruella-DeVil-WM

Finally! Now What am I Supposed to Do?

The day finally came that yours truly graduated college. Looking back as a teenager and young adult, I never thought this day would come. I lacked encouragement and support throughout my early adulthood and didn’t have any direction. Luckily, a few years into my twenties, I had a friend give me that push I needed to go back to school and take it seriously. Thanks Quinn, I love ya.

Took me longer than most to finish my BA, but I worked my way through college, got good grades and still managed to have fun on the side. At the end of the schooling road, I’ve earned my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and I graduated with a 3.4 GPA from the flagship California State University: Long Beach! Go Beach!

Super proud of myself, and my graduation day was one the best days I’ve ever had.

Now for the photos!


Most definitely wanted my manicure to match my school’s colors, so I requested my nail tech to create this paint job for me.

I originally wanted “CSULB” painted on one of my ring fingernails and “2013” on the other, but it seems as if I was asking too much. No one could do it! I seriously went to four different nail salons trying to get this done, and it just didn’t happen. I felt I could do it myself, but alas, I am not left handed.

I settled for chunky gold glitter. *sigh*


My cap took me hours to complete, and I just love how it turned out. I hand glued a couple hundred Swarovski crystals to the hat and delicately added pearls, ribbon and as much sparkle as possible. Gotta match my hat to my personality ya know…. sparkling! Hehehe. 😉

Onto the ceremony…

Making an entrance!

Making an entrance!




Of  course I had to rock the famous Mary Katheryn Gallager “superstaaaar” pose while sashaying through a storm of confetti.

Below is the family portrait including my stepdad, mom, grandpa, sister, and brother-in-law. My grandma also appears as the shining light in this photograph. She left us last November, but still shines.


Considering the required dress, I had to add in as much flair as possible. Gold accents everywhere, including my chic gold ankle cuffs and lots of gold rings. Yes, I even aim to make an over-sized drape of a dress look as glamorous as possible. 😉


Two of my favorite people.


Congrats to all the other graduates and best wishes to those starting or working through their college careers! If I can do it, you can do it. 


Black and White, an Outfit for the Night.

The entire outfit was assembled around the headpiece, which I can proudly say I MADE!! Sparkly, sharp and extremely beautiful; it’s an accessory that flows with my personality like no other. As I stated on Instagram, I actually have one more of these pretty pieces which (someday) will be posted for sale. More details about the piece will come then.

Black and white is still a hot color combo for the season and pretty easy to put together. You can’t really screw up black and white ya know? I had been saving this peplum, houndstooth skirt for the perfect occasion, and it went great with this outfit. Garter tights are super trendy right now and hot hot hot, I suggest getting a pair NOW if you like the style. Just make sure to stay away from drunk Argentinian broads at bars who are likely to accidently burn a hole in your fabulous new stockings with their cigarette butts. (UGH!)

As usual I feel that every outfit is made by the accessories, so I had to pile them on. I like to sparkle so much when I enter a room, that people need sunglasses to look at me. 😉

Glitter, rhinestones, sequins, diamonds…. I love em all.

I loved this entire look (which I styled in about 25 minutes). The makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, and even nails worked together to create a visual symphony of a chic black and white ensemble that received quite a bit of positive attention out on the town. Ahhhhh, I love dress up.

Details on outfits often include where I found the item and its cost, because I think one of my specialties is dressing well on a low to middle income budget and still looking like a million bucks. It’s all about hunting for treasures and scoping out affordable places to shop such as sample sales, flea markets, thrift stores, etc. Spend less on clothes, and invest on shoes or accessories!


Fascinator: Rebecca Glam  (made by me)

Shirt: Velvet Heart (Found at a sample sale $10)

Skirt: Sensational Collection (found at Ross for $8)

Belt: TJ Maxx (for $6)

Garter tights: eBay (about $12)

Bag: Betsey Johnson (sample sale score for $20, bag retails around $200)

Shoes: Prickly, by Jeffrey Campbell (the only item I’m wearing that was expensive at $230, however you can find these shoes on sale currently for half the cost.)


Holidays: Perfect time to turn up the glam!

Hair for the holidays!

Ahhh yes the holiday season, a time where adding flair to a work uniform or outfit comes easy. These snowflake earrings I’ve had for years and the I love them because they are not gawdy holiday jewelry. They are simple, clean, and have little rhinestones all over them. I found them at the Icing years ago, and I still get a lot of compliments on them every holiday season. In my hair, the clear strands with pearls on them are actually wedding floral arrangement decor I found at Michaels.

They are really inexpensive and I just cut off a few strands and tuck them into my hair like a head band. I use bobby pins if needed.The gorgeous poinsettia in my hair was also purchased at a craft store. A bunch of them for a couple bucks, a fantastic way to add some holiday flair for the budget conscious!

Head to your local craft shop and find your favorite flowers or holiday inspired pieces (holly berries, candy canes, ribbons, snowflakes, etc.) Then throw your hair into a ponytail or bun, and you can easily stick your holiday pieces in the side of your ponytail or bobby pin them in.

One of these pieces in the above left photo is actually just a decorative bow for wrapping presents. I just strategically jammed a bobby pin through it and voila, a great hair piece to add to some red and white flowers.

Nothing prettier than a bold, red poinsettia in a girl’s hair!









Happy holidays lovelies!