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Cruella, Cruella De Vil

Halloween 2014 brought on one of the best costumes I have ever pulled together. Miss Cruella De Vil, a classic Disney villain that utilizes one of my favorite color palettes!

Naturally, with my insatiable love for all things glamour, creating her look wouldn’t be too difficult as it just so happened that we had this funky, polka dotted Isabel De Pedro dress on sale at work, and so I was able to work it into my own glamorous rendition of the wild fur lover, Miss De Vil.

I wore the entire ensemble to work at Fred Segal and was heavily applauded for my artistry. On my break I strolled through downtown Santa Monica and the masses just loved it. I had cars drive by and yell, “Cruelllllaaaaaaa!” and lots of people ask for photos. It felt amazing!


Dress: Isabel De Pedro

Coat: UNIF

Shoes: Michael KorsCruella-DeVil-WM

Halloweens Past.

A few of my past looks for Halloween:

Back in 2006, I went for the late, great Steve Irwin (aka The Crocodile Hunter!)  who had just been killed a few weeks prior. Complete with my Australian beer and crocodile partner, I went on to win a few contests that year. One of my best costumes EVER.

In 2009 I went for a tamed down version Jessica Rabbit. I was working with what I already had, so I thought it came together well.

Again working with what I had, so I channeled the infamous, beautiful Marilyn in 2010. For the night’s festivities I made sure to be extra unstable and erratic in the true Marilyn fashion. One party I went to as regular, gorgeous Marilyn and the other I went as zombified Marilyn.

When you get dressed up as often as I do, Halloween almost seems like any other day of the year… The difference is on Halloween nobody questions me. 😉