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Glam Noir

A long time ago I found this gorgeous piece of wearable art on Etsy:

If you checked out the link, which takes you to the Etsy listing, you will see the jaw dropping price of almost $500. Wayyyy out my price range, but oh SO beautiful. I added the item to my favorites list and oohed and ahhed over it for years.

When it comes to shopping for unique pieces, my motto is “when in doubt… search eBay.” Some of my greatest finds have come from eBay, and always at a great price! Recently I was browsing eBay for an unrelated item, and stumbled across a beaded collar necklace that looked incredibly similar to the Etsy piece, and it was much more affordable, so I had a “treat yo self” moment.

My friend Sam and I got together to shoot the piece. I created the look, and she took the photos at her studio. My hair didn’t come out quite the way I hoped, but what can you do… once a half can of hairspray is in the hair… you’re not gonna make it look any other way.



Generally I don’t like to fit any particular mold of one specific style, and tend to draw creativity from multiple genres of fashion. My inspirations for this look pull from goth and glamour, basically what I like to call “glam noir.”

A big thanks to Sam for letting me test out her amazing photography and editing skills. You can see more of Sam’s work on her FB fanpage here.

We took a TON of photos, however I don’t have the mad editing skills Sam has, and so she was kind enough to send me these images for use. This last one is my favorite.


Black and White, an Outfit for the Night.

The entire outfit was assembled around the headpiece, which I can proudly say I MADE!! Sparkly, sharp and extremely beautiful; it’s an accessory that flows with my personality like no other. As I stated on Instagram, I actually have one more of these pretty pieces which (someday) will be posted for sale. More details about the piece will come then.

Black and white is still a hot color combo for the season and pretty easy to put together. You can’t really screw up black and white ya know? I had been saving this peplum, houndstooth skirt for the perfect occasion, and it went great with this outfit. Garter tights are super trendy right now and hot hot hot, I suggest getting a pair NOW if you like the style. Just make sure to stay away from drunk Argentinian broads at bars who are likely to accidently burn a hole in your fabulous new stockings with their cigarette butts. (UGH!)

As usual I feel that every outfit is made by the accessories, so I had to pile them on. I like to sparkle so much when I enter a room, that people need sunglasses to look at me. 😉

Glitter, rhinestones, sequins, diamonds…. I love em all.

I loved this entire look (which I styled in about 25 minutes). The makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, and even nails worked together to create a visual symphony of a chic black and white ensemble that received quite a bit of positive attention out on the town. Ahhhhh, I love dress up.

Details on outfits often include where I found the item and its cost, because I think one of my specialties is dressing well on a low to middle income budget and still looking like a million bucks. It’s all about hunting for treasures and scoping out affordable places to shop such as sample sales, flea markets, thrift stores, etc. Spend less on clothes, and invest on shoes or accessories!


Fascinator: Rebecca Glam  (made by me)

Shirt: Velvet Heart (Found at a sample sale $10)

Skirt: Sensational Collection (found at Ross for $8)

Belt: TJ Maxx (for $6)

Garter tights: eBay (about $12)

Bag: Betsey Johnson (sample sale score for $20, bag retails around $200)

Shoes: Prickly, by Jeffrey Campbell (the only item I’m wearing that was expensive at $230, however you can find these shoes on sale currently for half the cost.)


An Outfit with Edge!

If you are regularly following and reading my blog, then you must know by now… my style has a lot of “edge” to it. Sure, I can do the feminine, girly, frilly thing and it is fun (sometimes). But for the most part, I love to incorporate studs, black, leather, spikes, lace and unique jewelry to create an edgy appeal.

On this day I chose to re-create an entirely different look with my gorgeous burn-out velvet kimono featured in a previous post. 

By simply pairing the kimono with all black and silver accents I’ve created a look with a lot of sass, punk, glam and edge!

Easy outfit made up of black skinnies, a black tank, and the kimono. As always, an outfit is never complete without at least two accessories. Think rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headbands, hair clips, etc. ALWAYS accessorize to complete the look!

Feather earrings: Beth Nouveau

Bag: Big Buddha

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Kimono: eBay

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Corsets for curves!

Corsets are great because they hold everything where it should be: gut in, boobs up! All ladies (especially those with curves) should have a corset in their wardrobe!

I recommend starting off with a simple black corset with a steel busk. You can find one like this on eBay for less than $20. For corset beginners, I suggest going for the cheaper versions, made with plastic boning. Plastic boned corsets will start to lose their shape over a handful of wears (although you can still rock them, even if they are slightly out of shape), and they are not nearly as expensive as a fully steel boned corset which will run you at least 100+. The advantage of paying more for a steel boned corset is that it will hold its hourglass shape and is usually made with higher quality materials and fabrics. You can be sure a steel boned corset will last you much longer than the cheaper, plastic boned corset.

The great thing about corsets is that can be worn so many different ways and are always flattering to the figure no matter how big or how small you are. The cut of most corsets, whether its an overbust or an underbust, will create the most beautiful curves on ANY body shape thick or thin.

Corsets, oh my.

Try pairing a corset with skinny jeans, and a rockin’ pair of heels or wear it over a tailored white button up and a pencil skirt! Above, you can see I’ve created an outfit for going out on the town with an overbust corset, and then a more conservative outfit using an underbust corset over a tailored button up. You can either showoff your beautiful shoulders, or choose to cover up a little more with a cropped jacket or shrug. The possibilities are endless with a corset!

This year at the Burning Man festival I created a couple of my outfits/costumes from the use of corsets. One outfit was very burlesque, including a sweet mini top hat that I glued at least one hundred Swarovski crystals to in the shape of the Man. The bustle was found on Etsy and the corset is from eBay.

Another outfit I created using a simple black corset was my “post-apocalyptic warrior” sort of look. The BMorg asked the particpants not to bring feathers to the playa this year, due to the shedding factor and creating a mess. For the “feather” shrug I am wearing I simply used craft foam to create my own feathers and glued them all to some ribbon and felt, and added a magnificent piece to this outfit.

Finally, a more conservative, yet still fashionable and classy ensemble I created using a corset over a pencil skirt and turtleneck knitted top. I wore this outfit to a movie premiere at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood. Obviously, you can make an outfit like this less “costumey” by simply not wearing a mini top hat.

Whether you are going out to a club, being the best dressed person in the office or  costuming, one thing is for sure:

Corsets: the best fashion garment for curvy (and skinny) girls everywhere!

It’s that time of year…

August is a special month for me. It is a month where creativity explodes and styling is put into over time. The more creative and avant garde, the better! August is the month when I make my annual trip to the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada for the Burning Man festival. Burning Man in short, is a massive art festival/ social experiment in the middle of the barren desert that focuses on self reliance and self expression. The festival showcases all things extreme… the art, the people, the FASHION! No dress code, no rules, the fashion is created from the creative minds of the participants and their passions.

You can truly wear WHATEVER your heart desires in a judgement free zone. Judgement is out the door in a place where everyone looks so different and there is no “norm.” If you feel comfortable and happy wearing a potato sack, a ball gown or a speedo and a cape, then you are encouraged to do what YOU want to do and wear what YOU want to wear. Black Rock City is a society filled with citizens and participants wearing what they want to wear and not having to conform to social norms and rules of socially acceptable fashion.

Black Rock City (the name of makeshift city that is the Burning Man festival), where the fashion is one of my favorite elements of the festival. Click to see it bigger.

I have a particular love for burlesque fashion and retro pin up styling. Burning Man allows me to take my love of burlesque costuming and be able to strut my stuff in it, all day and all night. Dressing in burlesque makes me feel good. I feel sexy, I feel beautiful, and all around I just feel so womanly. I can’t exactly throw on a pair of fishnets, booty shorts and a corset and go to class in it, in the default world. Thus, my love for a more “costumey” wardrobe flourishes this time of year.

We had a “red night” in my camp this past year so I took the opportunity to break out my fabulous red satin corset and pull it all together for probably one of my best burn outfits yet!

My devil horned fascinator was a gift I received from my friend Candace for my birthday and the corset I found on eBay. In fact, I think 75% of my ensemble came from eBay from my dreads… to my boots!

The corset is a cheapy, made with plastic boning, so it has lost a lot of its shape over time, however a cheap corset is the way to go when you’re taking it to the harsh, dusty elements of the Black Rock desert! The “bustle” on my bottom is merely a yard of red sparkly fabric that I just safety pinned to the back of my ruffled booty shorts.

And let me just tell you about these boots. These AMAZING boots have made it to the playa THREE times (heading for a forth in a few weeks!) and been on my feet to countless clubs, festivals, dance parties and social day events. I found these beauties on eBay years ago for a mere twenty bucks and they were brand new!!! Yes that’s right, $20!!!! They are branded Hot Topic, and these boots were easily $80 in the store. I absolutely LOVE these boots and would easily name them the greatest pair of boots I have ever owned, which is difficult to say, due to a lot of really cool boots in my life. I love these boots SO much, that I went on another search for a back up pair. After only a few months of looking, sure enough I came across another pair on eBay, brand new and in my exact size. I paid a little more for the second pair at around 50, but sooo sooooooo worth it! I haven’t unwrapped them from their tissue paper housings yet. They just sit in a box in my closet waiting for their day to take on a lead role in my life: Rebecca’s bad ass, all terrain, ground stomping, ass kicking, platform boots.

Two of my camp mates looking equally as impressive in their black and red ensembles. This photo really captures the beauty and fun of fashion at Burning Man. We all have very different looks and styles, yet we all fit one theme and look incredible! Everyone in the whole camp looked so awesome on our “red night.”

This outfit was hands down one of the funnest ensembles I’ve thrown together at the Burn. I felt it truly matched my personality with it’s glitzy glamor, the feminine sex appeal and with that touch of “edgy, bad girl.” If I could dress to my personality regularly, you’d see a lot of this look. I’m definitely going to shoot for more burlesque styling at the upcoming burn since I enjoyed it so much last year. On an end note, red is totally my color.

Campbell is the new Louboutin.

For the girls on a budget anyway…

Jeffrey Campbell shoes have been around since the early 2000’s, however it has been in the past couple of years that they’ve been making waves in the fashion industry. In 2010, Jeffrey Campbell introduced the Lita shoe, which took runways and fashionistas’ closets by storm. In every color, fabric and texture imaginable the Lita and Jeffrey Campbell’s popularity has remained steady.

Jeffrey Campbell “Lita” shoe.

Thanks to designers such as Alexander McQueen and fashion forward celebs such as Lady Gaga, and new shape of shoe has emerged… the heel-less shoe. Jeffrey Campbell has also produced his own signature heel-less platform.You may have seen Gaga sporting these heel-less platforms on the red carpet or even in an airport. They look extremely difficult to walk in, but in fact aren’t so bad.

Alexander McQueen heel less shoe.

As a woman who loves shoes I can only dream of ever owning a pair of Louboutin’s with the signature red bottomed soles. This is why I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes. JC shoes are instantly recognizable and known for their shapes. The best part is they are not out of reach for the girl on a budget. They certainly aren’t low cost… however they aren’t 700-1200 dollars either (like Louboutins.) A pair of JC shoes will run you from 170-300 dollars. Not too shabby. Whether you are investing in one quality pair of shoes up front or saving up for a few months, the JC shoe is totally within reach.

Being a fashion lover since the womb, and adoring shoes above all fashion elements, I finally had to treat myself to my first pair of designer shoes. The first, of hopefully many in the future. Of course they were an impulse buy, and as soon as I tried them on, I had to have them. I found them at a great price (they are sold out everywhere and going for higher than I paid for them on eBay) so I felt like it was meant to be.

These are my new head turners:

I expected people to look and to be in awe, but I did not expect the abundance of neck breaking and jaw dropping that I received when wearing them out. It was sooooo awesome. All the “likes” and “loves” that the shoes earned made them worth the cost. Not just anyone can pull of these particular shoes, however they definitely fit my personality. I can’t wait to wear them out again!

And as usual, yet another article of fashion that doubles as a weapon… my favorite.