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Little Black Sweater Dress

Every closet needs a little black sweater dress. Easy to wear, and limitless possibilities when it comes to accessorizing.

Kontatto_Sweater-Dress-WM KontattoSweaterDressWM_ kontatto_sweater_dress_2_WM Kontatto_Sweater_Dress_WM KontattoSweaterDressWM


Dress: Kontatto

Hat: Vintage


Cruella, Cruella De Vil

Halloween 2014 brought on one of the best costumes I have ever pulled together. Miss Cruella De Vil, a classic Disney villain that utilizes one of my favorite color palettes!

Naturally, with my insatiable love for all things glamour, creating her look wouldn’t be too difficult as it just so happened that we had this funky, polka dotted Isabel De Pedro dress on sale at work, and so I was able to work it into my own glamorous rendition of the wild fur lover, Miss De Vil.

I wore the entire ensemble to work at Fred Segal and was heavily applauded for my artistry. On my break I strolled through downtown Santa Monica and the masses just loved it. I had cars drive by and yell, “Cruelllllaaaaaaa!” and lots of people ask for photos. It felt amazing!


Dress: Isabel De Pedro

Coat: UNIF

Shoes: Michael KorsCruella-DeVil-WM

Uniform Freedom

Yes, I am the weirdo in the bathroom that when you walk in, I’m standing in front of the mirror taking outfit selfies. Of course once you burst in, I quickly lower my phone and turn my body to pretend I wasn’t just taking 20 pictures of myself. LOL! We’ve all been there. We’ve either been that person, or we’ve seen that person.

I take a photo of my outfit every day at work, so here I am being that girl.




…and there you have it. My work uniform is whatever my little fashionista heart desires. I hope to make this a regular installment on my blog, featuring five outfits from recent days. What is your favorite outfit?

Fringe Me Baby.

Getting these photos was a total covert operation. My buddy Cooper and I scoped out this location by “trespassing” onto the innards of the Mar Vista post office. We scaled their parking garage like ninjas, avoiding the “man” all the way to the top. That’s how we roll….


This rad fringed top was sent to me courtesy of the bad ass clothing company Iron Fist. For all the fierce, edgy and not afraid to be yourself divas out there, you simply must check their site! They’re even offering a sweet discount to my readers, just click the graphic at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to use the discount code Rebecca13. Iron Fist is definitely not your run of the mill fashion and this top was one of my favs!!! Unlike a typical skeleton screen print, this particular design has a gorgeous floral motif woven under the rib cage which adds a little touch of femininity to the wicked cool design. And who doesn’t love fringe?!?!?!

The denim really takes the outfit down a notch and makes it a little more versatile for every day wear. However, depending on your height, you could possibly wear it as a dress with some fun stockings under or a short skirt.






Shirt: Iron Fist Clothing

Jacket: MyTribe 

Jeans: SOLD Design Lab

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Event Platform


When Clothing is Art…


The jacket is by My Tribe and is made of leather and suede strips all individually sewn onto a rayon backing. It’s lightweight, stretchy and STUNNING! I absolutely adore the the rippled effect of the leather strips. Edgy, fierce and glamorous. This jacket IS art.



Jacket: My Tribe 

Shirt: Sans Souci

Leggings: Lysse

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Sunnies: DIY

Same Shirt, Different Day.

Same shirt, same pants, same attitude.



clinicwedgeDifferent shoes, different hair, different details, different day.


Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Pants: Ross

Saddle Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (from Mod Cloth)

Spiked Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell (from Solestruck)

Holographic purse: Nine West

Sunnies: DIY

Necklace: LA boutique

Rebecca Glam’s Guide to Online Shopping: Urban Outfitters


As you are probably aware, Urban Outfitters is always on point with the latest in hipster gear. Although I don’t identify as a hipster, I do appreciate the funky styles and retro elements I find at UO.  They’ve been around FOR-EVVVV-VERRRRR and are still going strong! One of the reasons they’re still rockin’ it is because they took their sales to the online market, which retailers pretty much HAVE to do nowadays. Funny thing is, I never shopped at UO until I took a look at their site. The nearest store is what I considered to be too far away, but hey, now I can sift through the online racks!

As seen in a recent post, this adorable polka-dotted button up shirt was snagged in the sale section on UO's website.

As seen in a recent post, this adorable polka-dotted button up shirt was snagged in the sale section on UO’s website.

Of  course, the SALE section is my fav! Huge selection, AND some of the items in the this section are sale priced only online, whereas in the store they are regular priced (like this shirt pictured above.)

It makes sense to shop online at UO, because returns are super easy! They allow you to make FREE returns in store or online. After my first order, I fell in love. Everything I purchased, I got on sale. A few of the clothing items didn’t fit, so I went to the store to try different sizes, and exchanged them on the spot. One of the shirts even went on a deeper sale, so they gave me the price difference! Yesss! Check out some of the gorgeous accessories I scored on sale at UO:


The return policy is perfect and shipping is free with sales of $50+. UO has a mailing list that sends out special discount codes and offers free shipping every now and then.

If you’re in the market for some hip, funky threads, I totes recommend UrbanOutfitters.com!