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Little Black Sweater Dress

Every closet needs a little black sweater dress. Easy to wear, and limitless possibilities when it comes to accessorizing.

Kontatto_Sweater-Dress-WM KontattoSweaterDressWM_ kontatto_sweater_dress_2_WM Kontatto_Sweater_Dress_WM KontattoSweaterDressWM


Dress: Kontatto

Hat: Vintage


Pin Up Style, Baby!

Remember I went to a pinup shoot a while back? (In case you missed it, you can read about it HERE.) I helped style some of the girls, and I got a few sessions of my own in. Of the four different looks we shot, I’ve received the sets from two of the photographers that day. They came out so great and I am one lucky girl getting to participate in the day’s festivities.

This set was shot by professional photographer, Isaac Suttell. Please see Isaac’s website for more of his phenomenal work!

Isaac’s photos came out absolutely stunning and I couldn’t be more honored to have had him shoot me. On a personal note, I’m not one for being tan, however this particular set of photos inspires me to get a little more sun this summer! Hehehee. Although I must say, Isaac captured me as a porcelain doll. Thank you Isaac!

Cold Weather in California?

Although it rarely happens, it DOES get cold in Southern California… Of course my version of cold is any temp below 60 (then again, I am desert native.) This winter we’ve definitely had some bouts of COLD cold! But you know what that means? Time for layers and one of my favorite accessories… scarves!!!!

Black, white, hot pink OH MY! Love these colors together! A scarf is an easy way to make a colorless, boring outfit fun and bold!


This outfit came together with the help of my all my favorite places to shop… mainly Ross and sample sales!!! The gorgeous coat I’m wearing is from an Abbott & Main sample sale and I scored it for a mere $35!!! The material is incredible soft and the details on the coat are endless. Truly an amazing find!

On my ankle is a unique piece of jewelry I found at a small boutique in L.A. It is meant to be worn over your shoes and works like a basic anklet. This scarf I found in the lost and found at my job, and so after it had been there a while, I took it home, washed it and made it my own.

Although I prefer the heat, ain’t nothin wrong with a few weeks of cold weather to allow my coats and scarves to get a work out!

My Favorite Holiday, NYE!

Hands down, New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday of them all. The last 5 years I have been lucky enough to have outrageous, awesome, incredible, and fun New Year’s Eve celebrations. What better day in the whole year to wipe away any hard times from the previous months and to be hopeful and optimistic about the next yearly chapter?

My favorite holiday paired with my favorite hobby naturally calls for an outstanding outfit. I’m blessed to have many friends that love dressing up as much as I do, and I get the opportunity to attend themed parties. Themed parties seriously are THE BEST. Sure, regular parties are cool and all…. but slap on a theme, and the party sky rockets to a whole new level of awesomeness.

This year’s NYE party was themed: White Russian. The theme can go many different ways, however I made it simple and kept it Russian and the color white.

My cat Mikah is my assistant creative director when it comes to outfit planning.

The one sewing class I took in high school taught me how to sew a pillow and an apron. Naturally, these days I can’t even set up a sewing machine, let alone use it. On top of that, I don’t even have a sewing machine! Sewing would be an amazing skill to have (especially for someone who loves fashion) but for now I have to stick to hand stitching with just a needle and thread.

I headed to the Garment district in downtown LA and purchased one yard of this pretty white faux fur fabric for $14. With this one yard, I was able to create my Russian fur hat, my furry boot cover/leg warmers and even made some arm cuffs out of the fur as well. Considering the quickly applied hand stitch to bring it all together, I thought surely the articles of fur would be in pieces by the end of the night, but surprisingly, it all stayed together.

My skirt and top are from (take a wild guess…) ROSS!!! When I paired them together, they sort of blended to look like a ruffly dress. I actually had all the pieces of my outfit already in my wardrobe except for the furry pieces, so it was awesome that I only ended up spending $14 for the whole outfit.

I opted for a firey red wig instead of my platinum blonde for some nice contrast against the white. Plus, I’m sure there are a lot of hot Russian red heads out there. 😉

The outfit was a success and the party was amazing.

Here are a few shots from a photobooth set up at the party:

Off to the Theatre! (again)

The Book of Mormon recently played for a few months in Hollywood at the Pantages Theatre. I had heard so many good things about it, and saw that it was nominated for quite a few awards so I definitely had to see it.

For my girlfriend’s birthday, I scored us hot tickets to the show with fantastic seats! For my outfit, I ended up creating a look that mixed a classic vintage look, with some edge. If I could go back, I would have dropped the edge, and just kept it classy glam but what can you do, this is my look for the night:

One of my favrite beauty looks is platinum hair, dark eyebrows and red lips. I melt any time I see it, and love to pull it off myself. I know I know, a lot of people can’t stand dark eyebrows with light hair… but you know what I can’t stand? Bleached eyebrows!!!! What the heck is that?!

Where are her eyebrows?!??! Oh yeah!!! She BLEACHED them!!!

Moving on…


This gorgeous dress I scored at a sample sale in downtown LA for a mere 10 bucks. This dress retails for 90 dollars! The shoes are my fabulous Prickly’s by Jeffrey Campbell and of course my clutch is Big Buddha.

Loving the sleeve detail, and how the edges turn slightly upward.

After a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant, we headed over to the gorgeous Pantages Theatre for the night’s show. Needless to say, the musical was fantastic and quite impressive with the actors, songs, and visual presentation. I especially loved the seemingly authentic African tribal costume and chant done in the “airport scene” towards the beginning.

Overall it was a fantastic show and the even the audience was great. My girlfriend and I had an amazing time and playing dress up beforehand was almost as fun as the musical itself.

Color Pop!

Creating a black and white outfit calls for a pop of color somewhere…. what better accessory than a cute, bright red wig?



Sweater dress: Say What? (from Kohls!)

Scarf: Hot Topic

Skirt, Boots and Hat: Ross

Bag and Sunglasses: Big Buddha




Decompress in Style!

Ahhhh yes, a day in the park… not just any day in the park, but the 10th annual Burning Man, Los Angeles Decompression festival at LA Historical Park.

This particular event can be described as a small taste of Burning Man culture in the heart of Los Angeles. You’ll find large scale art installations, interactive theme camps, fire dancers, aerialists, art cars, happy people and my favorite… outrageous fashion. Burners (people who attend the Burning Man festival) love to exercise their radical self expression with fashion, one of the reasons I LOVE the Burning Man festival.

A few weeks ago my mom came over and had sewn me three items. The first and second items didn’t excite me too much, however she then pulled out a sparkly, silver, disco ball wad of cloth and wowed me!
Here’s the thing about my mom and me… We are almost complete opposites. I am very out-going, social, adventurous, playful and eccentric where as my mother has always been a homebody, and on the quieter side.  If we were an ice cream flavor… she would be vanilla and I would be cotton-candy-bubble-gum-birthday-cake-marshmellow-explosion.

So she shows up at my apartment with this awesome sparkly, wearable disco ball and I LOVE IT! My mom makes several attempts through out the year to get my “fashion tastes” and doesn’t always hit the nail on the head although I appreciate her efforts. So here we are, and she has sewn me this awesome top and is thrilled that I love it so of course I had to wear it to the Decompression festival.

Isn’t it fabulous?

The top runs a little big, so I gathered it in the back and safety pinned it to fit to my figure a little better. I thought it actually looked cuter with the way the cloth folded in the back.

My hat was decorated by me with a hundred or so Swarovski crystals glued to the top in the shape of the “Man” (the Burning Man icon), also a few more crystals glued to the roses on the hat. The band across my forehead I made that morning. Just glued a bunch of hematite Swarovski crystals to a thin ribbon and tied it on. The ring on my finger is so futurisitc looking and can actually be worn two different ways. Whether the point goes forward or backward, it’s an awesome ring. I found it a jewelry boutique in downtown LA.

As you can see, this particular day in the park brings out the most fabulous of fashions and you really get to see so much creativity. The last guy was great, he made his hat and his friend made him his suit… I thought he matched me quit well.

All in all the day was fantastic and everyone LOVED my top, and frankly the best part was saying, “My mom made it.”