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Goth is Dead!

Ugh, when will all these goth kids GET IT?! Goth is DEAD! 😉 Just like punk is dead, emo is dead, disco is dead, skater is dead, Lolita is dead, and blah blah blah. But guess what…? I dress how I want!


What’s that? I’m invited to Bat’s Day at Disneyland? Well of course I’d love to go! Any excuse to play dress up! I wanted to explore the newest form of Gothic styling known as “pastel Goth” which basically includes all the lovely shades of black and rich textures; but features touches of soft pastel colors. All the cool kids seem to be doing it, so I wanted to be cool too.


The Raid Shoe, by Jeffrey Campbell


DIY chain & mirror harness.



Iridescent, pastel and holographic handbag is by Nine West. This purse is EVERYTHING!


A day filled with laughs, waiting in lines, giggling, photo taking, booze, more laughing and aching legs due to wearing brand new leather platforms to a giant amusement park. Although I don’t label myself as Gothic (or ever claimed to be “Goth”) I do adore Gothic fashion. Bat’s Day is a spectacular day to see all forms of Gothic styling from classy, really high end Victorian gowns to Hot Topic punk kids. Of course there is still a presence of mainstream public, so Bat’s Day is quite the interesting spectacle for those unaware of this special gathering.



Shirt: Velvet Heart

Corset & Garter Stockings: eBay

Skirt: Guess (I found it in a thrift store!)

Socks: Karmaloop

Shoes: Raid, by Jeffrey Campbell

Coat: Forever 21

Purse: Nine West


Holiday Party Style Inspiration

Ladies, it’s that time of year when dressing for a party becomes much more fun! Any other time of the year, really anything goes for party attire… but the holidays calls for a specific color palette and festive accessories!

Using Polyvore, I created some style sets to help with some holiday party inspiration!

Set I:

With this color combination you are SURE to have all eyes on you when you enter the room. The black and gold add a touch of elegance and style, while a bold red dress says confidence! (And confidence is very appealing!)

Set II:

If dresses aren’t your thing, but you still want to look ultra fabulous, then something like this is perfect! Printed pants are super stylish right now and how can you not love the metallic gold on black, floral motif? Add a sleek black blazer and some bold accessories and you are perfectly suited for your holiday party.

Set III:

This look combines a little more festive spirit with a cute, holiday inspired mini top hat. If you’re going to a holiday party, might as well go all out and get in the spirit with at least one holiday inspired accessory! Don’t just look good, look the BEST! Even if you just attach some red poinsettia’s or holly berries (from a craft store) to your outfit in some way, it adds so much more to your attire.

Set IV:

I can’t forget all the women out there who prefer a men’s style of dress. (AKA all the lesbians!) Hahahaha. Seriously though, this look is stylish and festive for any woman that prefers menswear. Whether you like a bow tie or neck tie, this look is going to be fantastic either way. Having a festive holiday sock peeking out every now and then is the icing on the cake.

Hopefully these style sets get your own creative juices flowing and I’d LOVE to see any holiday looks you create this season! Send me your best holiday outfits or looks through Facebook!

Cheers everyone!