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Simple, easy, style.


This look was as easy as taking two basic pieces; a black tank top and leggings, and then adding in color with accessories. I like to have better quality basics, and then statement pieces are fun to find second hand by thrifting, checking out consignment stores and one of my favorite shopping destinations Crossroads Trading Company.simplestyle























Leggings: Lysse

Hat: Forever 21 (added my own peacock feather)

Kimono style duster: found at Crossroads Trading Co in Santa Monica

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (from Nasty Gal)



Photos taken by Cooper Griggs. <3

Not-So-Mellow Yellow.

Having a gloomy day? Why not brighten it up with a splash of yellow?! It’s an uplifting, and bold color that makes the wearer feel bright, cheery, and energetic! Every guy and gal deserves a little yellow in their closet.


I was recently scouring the clearance racks at everyone’s favorite superstore– Target! I was lucky enough to come across this simple, color blocked yellow skirt, on clearance for $8! I couldn’t pass it up! The material is lovely and the skirt is as comfortable as skirts get!


On  this day I was headed to a fashionable friend’s party, so I had to make sure my outfit was on point. After two hours of mixing, matching, and complete outfit changes, I arrived at this perfect combination of color and print.


… and let’s not forget to accessorize!



Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack

Button Up: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Target

Belt & Hand Bag: Big Buddha

Shoes: Event platform, by Jeffrey Campbell. (nastygal.com) 

 Sunnies: DIY

Jewelry: Forever 21, and various boutiques


Rebecca Glam’s Guide to Online Shopping: Nasty Gal

Nasty-Gal-logo-640x212I heard of Nasty Gal by word of mouth. As I sat silently in my fashion industry introduction class last year, I listened to the gossip girls near me flaunting their latest purchases from “Nasty Gal.” Of course I went home and looked up the site, and low and behold I’ve found a new addiction. This whole time I’ve been thrifting, deconstructing and modifying my wardrobe to have that darker, edgier look. Nasty Gal comes along and offers it all to me in one central location, a wide array of styles, and has something for every budget. I still thrift, and make my own garments as my creativity allows but it’s nice to have a beautifully designed site to gaze upon in the late hours of the night, salivating over studs, shoes and shirts.

nastygalsophiaNasty Gal is a fairly new fashion powerhouse… err, I mean power-site. You may have heard of the up and coming Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal. She’s recently been in the news for her rise to the top of her industry. Nasty Gal started as a store on eBay back in 2006, and has blossomed into the online women’s retail site you see now. They have no stores as of now, strictly online shopping. At Nasty Gal you can find a massive collection of trendy, avant garde, vintage, sparkly, studded, lacey, and gorgeous garments. They have dresses, shoes, accessories, and everything you need to look dashing from head to toe.



In addition to the main categories, they also have a fantastic SALE section for all the gals and pals on a budget. If your like me (on a budget for now!) then the SALE section is for us! One of my favorite, most versatile shirts I purchased on sale from the Nasty Gal SALE page. This staple shirt has a very nice feel to it, and can be worked into endless outfits. I got it for $20!



If the above aren’t reason enough, Nasty Gal now offers free returns! No risk shopping! Any site that does free returns and/or free shipping is one to bookmark and Nasty Gal is finally on board. Recently I received a lovely pair of JC’s for my birthday, however I had an issue with them and needed to return them. I called, and the customer service was on point and my exchange was super easy! Another reason I love shopping at Nasty Gal. 


If I were an online women’s retail store, I’d be Nasty Gal. Be confident, be sassy and turns heads when you enter a room! Nasty Gal offers the seeds to plant and grow your very own dream closet.

See for yourself, check out the site by clicking the logo at the top of the page!

Do What You Love.

Bindi: a decorative element worn on the forehead; traditionally worn in Southeast Asia for a number of reasons including religion, marital status and for fashion.

I remember a time when I was in 9th grade and I walked into class wearing a bindi. My sassy, sarcastic, gothic English teacher pointed me out to the class and said in the driest of tones, “What is that a bug on your forehead?” Of course the whole class laughed and she just sat back looking all smug because she had just “punked” one of her “stupid little freshmen.”

As a noob to high school and standing up for myself, I just let it happen. I probably dished out some major eye rolling but I can’t recall having a good comeback. No worries though, I was lucky enough to have the same teacher again for my senior year, and by this time I was a confident, sassy and clever girl and I sure did give her hell (along with many other teachers.)

I may have been “punked” then, but it never stopped me from enjoying something I loved. Some people just don’t understand.


Hat and necklace: Forever 21

Jacket: Goodwill

Shirt: Nasty Gal

Pants: Almost Famous

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Watch: Michael Kors

All Black Everything.

Ahhh the color black. What a deep, mysterious, and sumptuous shade. Anyone and everyone looks good in black and it goes with practically anything. Head to toe black can range from elegant gothic, to New York chic, to glam noir and most definitely edgy and fierce. <3 All black everything.

This look is definitely hitting on that edgy, fierce look that I love! My only suggestion about doing head to toe black is to utilize different textures and black on black prints to make the outfit pop.

I love that the top has this back detailing. Often times those trendy, billowy, shapeless tops make girls look bigger than they are because they don’t shape to their figure. These little buttons on the back, pull the top tighter around the waist and create more of a flattering shape. Why don’t all those billowy tops have this detail? I demand more!






These awesome, unique steampunk hair picks were sent to me courtesy of Antickquities, an Etsy shop that specializes in accessories made from clock hands. Her designs are so unique and very affordable! I have a few different styles of her wearable art, and I love them all!




And as many of you already know, thigh highs are waaayyyy trending right now! Not just thigh highs, but thigh highs over other stockings, or garter thigh highs. I recently ordered some really cute ones off eBay, just waiting for them in the mail! Upper thigh is the new upper arm. Ha!

Bag: Big Buddha

Top: Nasty Gal (bought on sale)

Stockings, necklace and ring: downtown LA boutique

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Stinger (also bought on sale!)

Hair picks courtesy of Antickquities (check out her shop!)