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Simple, easy, style.


This look was as easy as taking two basic pieces; a black tank top and leggings, and then adding in color with accessories. I like to have better quality basics, and then statement pieces are fun to find second hand by thrifting, checking out consignment stores and one of my favorite shopping destinations Crossroads Trading Company.simplestyle























Leggings: Lysse

Hat: Forever 21 (added my own peacock feather)

Kimono style duster: found at Crossroads Trading Co in Santa Monica

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (from Nasty Gal)



Photos taken by Cooper Griggs. <3

Wardrobe Favorites

You may have seen this jacket in other posts, as it happens to be my favorite piece in my wardrobe two years running now. It truly is the perfect L.A. jacket. Great construction, beautiful leather & suede, and a perfect fit. I want  one in every color of the rainbow. Except orange… I definitely do not want one in orange. 😉





MyTribeLeatherJacketTMThe jeans are my first pair of Joe’s and I am pleasantly surprised. They have a great fit, along with the perfect length (hard to find when you’re a Shorty McShort Short) and again, I’ve worn them frequently and they hold there shape very well. No saggy knees, no stretched out booty.


And ahhhh those beautiful stiletto heels. Metallic in color and a unique cage style design. They are made by L.A.M.B., Gwen Stefani’s fashion line. I scored these beauties at Nordstrom Rack for less than half the original price. Yesssss!
























Jacket: My Tribe

T-shirt: Wilt

Jeans: Joe’s Jeans

Shoes: L.A.M.B

Clutch: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: DTLA boutique


Fascinating Fascinator

Who doesn’t LOVE a gorgeous fascinator?! I mean, is there any fashion accessory out there that is more fun and unique than a fascinator? With all kinds of different shapes, textures, colors and beauty it’s hard not to put one on every day.

This post features an absolutely STUNNING head piece from Vivo Masks. Vivo Masks specializes in beautiful masquerade masks, gorgeous fascinators, and even a few top hats. Because everyone needs at least one top hat in their wardrobe. ; )

To my delight, this fascinator arrived in a beautiful hat box! For having so many hats, it is a bit shocking that I’ve never owned a proper hat box before…



































































Thanks again to Vivo Masks for the beautiful headpiece!

Dress is from Nordstrom Rack

Shawl is from a $1 box at a thrift store

Hat is from Vivo Masks

Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell

Belt is Anna Klein

Photos shot by Damon Holm


Something To Celebrate!

Hello lovelies, guess what? Today marks the one year anniversary of launching my blog!! Wowie wow wow, a whole year dedicating so much time, effort and patience to this online documentary of my personal style endeavors!

Check out my first month of blogging here in the April 2012 archive. (The very first entry is at the bottom.)

Even in just one year’s time my blog has evolved so much. I’m sure many of you recall the plethora of different layouts and color schemes I’ve used over the year. Of course the biggest change of all, was changing my blog’s title and domain address. Yes it’s true for my new readers, Rebecca Glam is formerly known as “It’s Called Style, Baby.” Some of my old photos have my old domain watermarked onto them. I changed my blog title to something more simplistic and memorable last fall. What a PAIN that was! If you ever decide to start a blog, make sure you are going to love the name/domain for the long haul, because it is not fun or easy to switch once you’ve established something.

Now that I’m all settled in with my blog, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect header for my site. A graphic that is crisp, clean, unique and glamorous. Not sure if I’ll ever get it, but maybe someday. I hope to continue on with my blog, and progressively get better at it with time. I knew nothing about blogging or having my own site when I started this journey last year… and frankly I still don’t! Hahaha. Okay okay so I’ve learned a lot, but of course there’s always room to grow.

Here’s a lovely little anniversary photo compilation of the past year’s style and blog posts.

Since a year ago today, my blog has received over 30,000 hits!!!

I’d like to thank everyone who pushed, supported, shared, advised, liked and read my blog over the year. Special thanks to those that have shared my blog on their Facebook feeds, told their friends about it, commented, and who really interacted with my blog. Seriously, even the littlest comment means a lot to me. Without people being interested, I wouldn’t have motivation to continue on. So THANK YOU ALL SO SOOOO MUCH! You’ll never know just how much I appreciate all of your support. <3

Much love,



Make a Statement!

I cut, sliced, and ripped my way into the crisp, sturdy cardboard box. Packing peanuts went flying as I searched for the shoe box somewhere inside this sea of white marshmallows. Finally I grab hold, pull it out, and set it on the floor.

Time came to a standstill and without even noticing, I held my breath and bit my lip as I lifted the lid. Rays of sunshine burst out of the box blinding my sight instantaneously and music rang loud all around!

I couldn’t figure out how rays of sunshine had blinded me. How could this be, coming out from a box? As I regained my site, I peered down at my brand new beauties. It was then that I realized, indeed sun rays had escaped the box. The shiny golden spikes and studs covering the back of the leather boots had reflected the bright Californian sun into my face.

I grabbed them up, slid them on, and sashayed around the house to get a feel for them. They fit like a glove and gave me an entirely new perspective on the world by adding about 5 inches to my height. My new Damsels. *sigh*

What’s that? We’re going to the mall? Perfect. Time to suit up with my new Damsels.


I’ve learned a lot about myself through style blogging. I’ve realized most of looks never feature just one statement piece. Usually I’ve got statement shoes, statement jewelry, statement hair and sometimes even statement makeup. It makes sense, since my whole life I’ve never held back to make a statement, verbally or visually.

In mainstream fashion, all these statement pieces in one outfit would be unacceptable. But I would hardly call my style of dress mainstream in any sort of way. As long as I can remember I’ve always used fashion to visually express my loud, out-going and firey personality. When you have a personality like mine, you just can’t help wearing 5 statement pieces at once. Besides what one person might to refer to as “statement” I might refer to as “details…”

Sunglasses and bag: Big Buddha

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Jacket: Goodwill

Top: Wet Seal (on the clearance rack! hey hey heeey!)

Skirt, tights and socks: Ross

All jewelry came from sample sales.

Playa Fashion.

For starters, I don’t mean “playa” as in a guy who dates a bunch of women, but I DO mean “playa” as in Spanish for “beach.” All year long I prepare and get excited to go home to the Black Rock Desert for Burning Man. The Burning Man festival is held on an ancient dried lake bed, therefore this particular desert is known as a “playa.” Now that that is covered… on the playa we love our fashion endeavors. Some go for silly, some go for sexy, some go for WOW and some go for nothing (aka their birthday suit!)

Here are some of my other fun fashion ensembles on the playa:

A handkerchief and goggles are essential on the playa due to copious amounts of DUST in the air at all times. You never know when the winds will pick up and send a white out dust storm over the city. If you are caught without goggles and a dust mask, you are pretty much screwed. In this last photo, it was early sunrise and it was wicked cold out, so I used my handkerchief to keep my face warm.

I’ve been lagging on my posts recently due to heavy crafting and creating this year’s fashion. I’ve spent hours upon hours putting work into next week’s garb, so hopefully I’ll get some awesome photos out there to show for it. I most likely won’t have any posts for about two weeks, since I am leaving on Sunday for this year’s festival and as soon as I come back, I am immediately back to school. Busy busy! Stay tuned in the future for some awesome pics from Burning Man 2012, my 4th year!

It’s all about the accessories.

Another plain jane outfit spruced up with accessories! If you don’t already own a plain white, tailored button up shirt, I highly suggest you get one. They go with so many different outfits and looks, indeed a staple item in any fashionista’s closet.

I don’t invest a lot of money in any staple article that is white. With white articles of clothing you have to worry about the three D’s: dirty, dingy and damaged…. all too soon. This shirt I picked up from a local low end boutique for about $10, it’s not the greatest quality, but it fits great and will last me through the next couple seasons.

My jeans are skinny cut Levi’s and they are from Kohls at $40.

How about that belt?! That is one solid chunk of leather and metal. The belt is by Brave. Brave is a leather company that makes women’s and men’s belts and other small leather goods. This belt retails for $120 in stores and online. Of course, I didn’t pay that much! I found this belt at downtown LA’s Friday Sample Sale. Usually at sample sales, the showrooms sell everything at cost (wholesale) price… this belt being $60 wholesale…. but the guy sold it to me for $15!!! Wooo! Major score! I love how chunky and industrial it is.

The ring I’m wearing is a fancy shmancy armor ring that I found at Wet Seal (of all places!) It’s a great statement piece of jewelry.

No purse today, just a little wallet clutch that my girlfriend gifted to me. It’s sparkly black patent leather and the handle is built in “brass knuckles.” Not only does this clutch carry all my cash and cards, but I could bust somebody in the temple if I had to. In self defense of course. 😉

One of the best ways to spruce up a some what dull outfit is to slide on some bold statement shoes! These shoes are by Jeffrey Campbell and are the most expensive part of the outfit (a little bit over $200). Don’t get me wrong… I don’t go spending that much EVER on anything… except the occasional pair of shoes. Shoes are worth it!

Accessories can make your entire outfit go from blah to WOW! In addition, you can take the same basic articles of clothing and create entirely different looks using accessories. Look for an upcoming entry, where I create a whole different style using the same jeans and white button up. Until then, cheers to my lovely readers! I appreciate your views more than you know!