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Wardrobe Favorites

You may have seen this jacket in other posts, as it happens to be my favorite piece in my wardrobe two years running now. It truly is the perfect L.A. jacket. Great construction, beautiful leather & suede, and a perfect fit. I want ¬†one in every color of the rainbow. Except orange… I definitely do not want one in orange. ūüėČ





MyTribeLeatherJacketTMThe jeans are my first pair of Joe’s and I am pleasantly surprised. They have a great fit, along with the perfect length (hard to find when you’re a Shorty McShort Short) and again, I’ve worn them frequently and they hold there shape very well. No saggy knees, no stretched out booty.


And ahhhh those beautiful stiletto heels. Metallic in color and a unique cage style design. They are made by¬†L.A.M.B., Gwen Stefani’s fashion line. I scored these beauties at Nordstrom Rack for less than half the original price. Yesssss!
























Jacket: My Tribe

T-shirt: Wilt

Jeans: Joe’s Jeans

Shoes: L.A.M.B

Clutch: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: DTLA boutique


Not-So-Mellow Yellow.

Having a gloomy day? Why not brighten it up with a splash of yellow?! It’s an uplifting, and bold color that makes the wearer feel bright, cheery, and energetic! Every guy and gal deserves a little yellow in their closet.


I was recently scouring the clearance racks at everyone’s favorite superstore– Target! I was lucky enough to come across this simple, color blocked yellow skirt, on clearance for $8! I couldn’t pass it up! The material is lovely and the skirt is as comfortable as skirts get!


On ¬†this day I was headed to a fashionable friend’s party, so I had to make sure my outfit was on point. After two hours of mixing, matching, and complete outfit changes, I arrived at this perfect combination of color and print.


… and let’s not forget to accessorize!



Cardigan: Nordstrom Rack

Button Up: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Target

Belt & Hand Bag: Big Buddha

Shoes: Event platform, by Jeffrey Campbell. (nastygal.com) 

 Sunnies: DIY

Jewelry: Forever 21, and various boutiques


Festive in February!

February is sort of a drab month for me. I never felt too great about the month you know? January is cool because everyone’s all excited about a new year, new changes, and wonder what adventures await them. Then February rolls around and you stop going to the gym, the excitement fades and¬† the reality sinks in that it’s just another year. But on the bright side, February does offer up Pisces (Love all you Pisces out there!) and two fun, festive holidays: Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day!

This was my look for last year’s Mardi Gras (2012)… I didn’t celebrate, I just did this for work. Hair picks from Antickquities.

Below is my look for last year’s Valentine’s Day as well. Again, this look was for going to work and being festive.

I didn’t get many pictures from this year’s Valentine’s day, however after spending a nice chunk of time on my hair, I had to capture this:

Gotta love that pin up look for lover’s day! I’ve received many requests on doing a hair swirl/pompadour tutorial and I’ve actually made attempts at this project, but it has yet to be perfected. Maybe some day…

As for Mardi Gras this year, I went all out. I was going to be volunteering at a booth from an on campus club I recently joined, the Student Communication Association. Our club was amongst a plethora of clubs offering Mardi Gras related activities, club information and general recruitment.

I made my top hat last year and never got an opportunity to wear it, so I styled my Mardi Gras outfit all around my hat. This hat took me over 7 hours of hand gluing Swarovski crystals and it needed to shine!

The night before I constructed the feather and beaded epaulette on my right shoulder, and my vintage gold sequined skirt and Jeffrey Campbell Damsel’s completed the look! Head to toe festive and FABULOUS!

My friend April joined the party also dressed head to toe in fabulous festive Mardi Gras garb, with her own personal flair. We were definitely the best dressed on campus that day, and we rocked our ensembles throughout the entire day.

Old Hollywood Glamour.

Headed out for a night in North Hollywood and I  was feeling a vintage glamour look to paint the town red in.

Fascinators are one of the most glamorous, feminine and beautiful accessories a woman can wear.







Life in platinum.

I don’t know about all those other blondes, brunettes and redheads…. but I do know that life in platinum is WAY more fun!

Glam, on the job.

I like to glam it up most every day, and for me, work is no excuse. I bartend and serve at a well-known dining establishment and I like to look my best while working. Often times when I go into work with great hair and make-up, it makes me feel good and I gain more confidence. It makes the day better!

When getting ready for work I usually give myself some sort of theme, or color scheme to follow. Here are a few of my looks for work:

Black and Red w/ some edge.

Low side ponytail with black and red flowers. I took a single earring with black and red feathers and clipped into my ponytail for added flair. Red lips to top it all off. As you will note, I am huge fan of red lips.

Native American Neutrals

Clearly I had sort of a Native American theme going this day. I kept my make-up in neutral tones and wore a braided headband with neutral colored feathers at the ends of it. A mini pompadour in the front of my hair and a whole lot of teasing at the crown, and then tied off in a ponytail. I also wore only one long, feathered earring on the left ear. I find that sometimes when you have big, long or bold earrings it looks nice and/or unique to only wear one.

Green, yellow and white!

The twisties in my hair were done by my hairdresser, Vero. My eye make-up is a baked green shadow from Hot Topic. I love baked shadows because they are super bright and pigmented when applying them wet. Yellow and white flowers pinned into a messy bun. Gold and yellow jewelry to top it off.

Terrific in Turquoise:

Another low, side ponytail with teased hair at the crown. I swirled up half of my bangs and let the other parts of my bangs just fall to the side. I will eventually attempt a “how to” video for hair swirls. Teal flower in the hair, teal and silver earrings and turquoise eye shadow for the whole look.

I will have more posts like this, considering I always create new looks and themes for work. I know most people think, “It’s just work. I’m not going to waste my time getting all done up…” The way I see it is, no matter where you are, you’re still be seeing seen by lots of people. People tend to dress up because it makes them feel good, so why not try to feel good at work too? Contrary to belief, I do not spend hours upon hours getting ready. Through years of hair and makeup I’ve gotten pretty fast at my art.

If anything, always wear a flower in your hair! It’s cheap, easy and looks like a million! Plus, for those of you in tipped positions, one study shows waitresses increased their tips by 17 percent by wearing flowers in their hair.

In general it pays to look distinctive.