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Same Shirt, Different Day.

Same shirt, same pants, same attitude.



clinicwedgeDifferent shoes, different hair, different details, different day.


Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Pants: Ross

Saddle Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (from Mod Cloth)

Spiked Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell (from Solestruck)

Holographic purse: Nine West

Sunnies: DIY

Necklace: LA boutique

Black and White, an Outfit for the Night.

The entire outfit was assembled around the headpiece, which I can proudly say I MADE!! Sparkly, sharp and extremely beautiful; it’s an accessory that flows with my personality like no other. As I stated on Instagram, I actually have one more of these pretty pieces which (someday) will be posted for sale. More details about the piece will come then.

Black and white is still a hot color combo for the season and pretty easy to put together. You can’t really screw up black and white ya know? I had been saving this peplum, houndstooth skirt for the perfect occasion, and it went great with this outfit. Garter tights are super trendy right now and hot hot hot, I suggest getting a pair NOW if you like the style. Just make sure to stay away from drunk Argentinian broads at bars who are likely to accidently burn a hole in your fabulous new stockings with their cigarette butts. (UGH!)

As usual I feel that every outfit is made by the accessories, so I had to pile them on. I like to sparkle so much when I enter a room, that people need sunglasses to look at me. 😉

Glitter, rhinestones, sequins, diamonds…. I love em all.

I loved this entire look (which I styled in about 25 minutes). The makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, and even nails worked together to create a visual symphony of a chic black and white ensemble that received quite a bit of positive attention out on the town. Ahhhhh, I love dress up.

Details on outfits often include where I found the item and its cost, because I think one of my specialties is dressing well on a low to middle income budget and still looking like a million bucks. It’s all about hunting for treasures and scoping out affordable places to shop such as sample sales, flea markets, thrift stores, etc. Spend less on clothes, and invest on shoes or accessories!


Fascinator: Rebecca Glam  (made by me)

Shirt: Velvet Heart (Found at a sample sale $10)

Skirt: Sensational Collection (found at Ross for $8)

Belt: TJ Maxx (for $6)

Garter tights: eBay (about $12)

Bag: Betsey Johnson (sample sale score for $20, bag retails around $200)

Shoes: Prickly, by Jeffrey Campbell (the only item I’m wearing that was expensive at $230, however you can find these shoes on sale currently for half the cost.)


Do What You Love.

Bindi: a decorative element worn on the forehead; traditionally worn in Southeast Asia for a number of reasons including religion, marital status and for fashion.

I remember a time when I was in 9th grade and I walked into class wearing a bindi. My sassy, sarcastic, gothic English teacher pointed me out to the class and said in the driest of tones, “What is that a bug on your forehead?” Of course the whole class laughed and she just sat back looking all smug because she had just “punked” one of her “stupid little freshmen.”

As a noob to high school and standing up for myself, I just let it happen. I probably dished out some major eye rolling but I can’t recall having a good comeback. No worries though, I was lucky enough to have the same teacher again for my senior year, and by this time I was a confident, sassy and clever girl and I sure did give her hell (along with many other teachers.)

I may have been “punked” then, but it never stopped me from enjoying something I loved. Some people just don’t understand.


Hat and necklace: Forever 21

Jacket: Goodwill

Shirt: Nasty Gal

Pants: Almost Famous

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Watch: Michael Kors

Festive in February!

February is sort of a drab month for me. I never felt too great about the month you know? January is cool because everyone’s all excited about a new year, new changes, and wonder what adventures await them. Then February rolls around and you stop going to the gym, the excitement fades and  the reality sinks in that it’s just another year. But on the bright side, February does offer up Pisces (Love all you Pisces out there!) and two fun, festive holidays: Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day!

This was my look for last year’s Mardi Gras (2012)… I didn’t celebrate, I just did this for work. Hair picks from Antickquities.

Below is my look for last year’s Valentine’s Day as well. Again, this look was for going to work and being festive.

I didn’t get many pictures from this year’s Valentine’s day, however after spending a nice chunk of time on my hair, I had to capture this:

Gotta love that pin up look for lover’s day! I’ve received many requests on doing a hair swirl/pompadour tutorial and I’ve actually made attempts at this project, but it has yet to be perfected. Maybe some day…

As for Mardi Gras this year, I went all out. I was going to be volunteering at a booth from an on campus club I recently joined, the Student Communication Association. Our club was amongst a plethora of clubs offering Mardi Gras related activities, club information and general recruitment.

I made my top hat last year and never got an opportunity to wear it, so I styled my Mardi Gras outfit all around my hat. This hat took me over 7 hours of hand gluing Swarovski crystals and it needed to shine!

The night before I constructed the feather and beaded epaulette on my right shoulder, and my vintage gold sequined skirt and Jeffrey Campbell Damsel’s completed the look! Head to toe festive and FABULOUS!

My friend April joined the party also dressed head to toe in fabulous festive Mardi Gras garb, with her own personal flair. We were definitely the best dressed on campus that day, and we rocked our ensembles throughout the entire day.

All Black Everything.

Ahhh the color black. What a deep, mysterious, and sumptuous shade. Anyone and everyone looks good in black and it goes with practically anything. Head to toe black can range from elegant gothic, to New York chic, to glam noir and most definitely edgy and fierce. <3 All black everything.

This look is definitely hitting on that edgy, fierce look that I love! My only suggestion about doing head to toe black is to utilize different textures and black on black prints to make the outfit pop.

I love that the top has this back detailing. Often times those trendy, billowy, shapeless tops make girls look bigger than they are because they don’t shape to their figure. These little buttons on the back, pull the top tighter around the waist and create more of a flattering shape. Why don’t all those billowy tops have this detail? I demand more!






These awesome, unique steampunk hair picks were sent to me courtesy of Antickquities, an Etsy shop that specializes in accessories made from clock hands. Her designs are so unique and very affordable! I have a few different styles of her wearable art, and I love them all!




And as many of you already know, thigh highs are waaayyyy trending right now! Not just thigh highs, but thigh highs over other stockings, or garter thigh highs. I recently ordered some really cute ones off eBay, just waiting for them in the mail! Upper thigh is the new upper arm. Ha!

Bag: Big Buddha

Top: Nasty Gal (bought on sale)

Stockings, necklace and ring: downtown LA boutique

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Stinger (also bought on sale!)

Hair picks courtesy of Antickquities (check out her shop!)

Make a Statement!

I cut, sliced, and ripped my way into the crisp, sturdy cardboard box. Packing peanuts went flying as I searched for the shoe box somewhere inside this sea of white marshmallows. Finally I grab hold, pull it out, and set it on the floor.

Time came to a standstill and without even noticing, I held my breath and bit my lip as I lifted the lid. Rays of sunshine burst out of the box blinding my sight instantaneously and music rang loud all around!

I couldn’t figure out how rays of sunshine had blinded me. How could this be, coming out from a box? As I regained my site, I peered down at my brand new beauties. It was then that I realized, indeed sun rays had escaped the box. The shiny golden spikes and studs covering the back of the leather boots had reflected the bright Californian sun into my face.

I grabbed them up, slid them on, and sashayed around the house to get a feel for them. They fit like a glove and gave me an entirely new perspective on the world by adding about 5 inches to my height. My new Damsels. *sigh*

What’s that? We’re going to the mall? Perfect. Time to suit up with my new Damsels.


I’ve learned a lot about myself through style blogging. I’ve realized most of looks never feature just one statement piece. Usually I’ve got statement shoes, statement jewelry, statement hair and sometimes even statement makeup. It makes sense, since my whole life I’ve never held back to make a statement, verbally or visually.

In mainstream fashion, all these statement pieces in one outfit would be unacceptable. But I would hardly call my style of dress mainstream in any sort of way. As long as I can remember I’ve always used fashion to visually express my loud, out-going and firey personality. When you have a personality like mine, you just can’t help wearing 5 statement pieces at once. Besides what one person might to refer to as “statement” I might refer to as “details…”

Sunglasses and bag: Big Buddha

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Jacket: Goodwill

Top: Wet Seal (on the clearance rack! hey hey heeey!)

Skirt, tights and socks: Ross

All jewelry came from sample sales.

Falling for Jeffrey Campbell (a funny story)

Is it sad that I Googled “people falling in Jeffrey Campbell shoes?”

I’m bummed because I cannot find ANY articles or blogs about girls falling in Jeffrey Campbell shoes. There HAS to be people falling in these shoes… where are all the stories??? All I could find were articles about people falling FOR Jeffrey Campbells. Oh please… I already know how addicting they are… I just want to read about twisted ankles, wrecked shoes, embarrassment and the loss of pride, is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

I guess I am the ONLY one who stumbles in my JC shoes. Apparently all the others wearing JC’s are just floating around like perfect little JC fairies dancing on clouds. What the heck…

I guess I’ll start the trend and tell you about the worst stumble I’ve had in my Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Let me start by saying, I’ve never actually fallen to the ground in my shoes, but I have had some trips and stumbles (all played off as best as possible.) However there was one particularly embarrassing moment I had at school last semester.

Don’t let that flat bottom fool you…

There I was strutting through the parking lot… thinking I was all bad because of my big, bad, spiked platform Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The shoes naturally draw a lot of attention so I do get a lot of stares any time I’m wearing ANY of my JC’s. I go to take a step onto the curb, and in the blink of an eye, my foot rolls to the side, my arms go up in the air, a scream bursts from my voice box and in that very moment, all pride was lost. It looked a little something like this:

“I didn’t really stumble, I was just playing charades!”

I caught myself before actually falling to the ground and there was a girl right behind me who asked me if I was okay. In my embarrassment I just said, “Yeah I’m fine, the good thing is I’m getting used to stumbling in these shoes…” Ughhhhh.

Later that day as I headed back to my car, I decided to re-trace my steps to see if there was any uneven bricks or cracks that helped me to stumble off my shoes. As I reached ground zero, I saw nothing out of the ordinary except for…. a spike!!! I looked down at my shoe, and sure enough not one, but TWO spikes had been ripped out of my shoe from the fall earlier. Luckily I found both spikes and was able to re-install them onto the shoe. But yeah, no uneven bricks… just me not being able to stay upright.

Out of all my JC shoes, I am surprised that this particular pair is the hardest to walk in… I’ve stumbled in them 3 times now! It’s to a point, where I’m scared to wear them for fear of actually breaking an ankle (this girl does NOT have health insurance!) And for the record, I’ve been wearing heels since I was 5 (thanks to Grandma’s closet) and I am a pro in heels and platforms. I can run, kick and dance in the highest of shoes. I honestly don’t get why this particular pair gives me so much hassle. You would think since the bottom is flat, that they would be easy but oh no… it’s all a lie.

Anyway… maybe now some other JC girls will read this and blog about their falls, which will bring me much pleasure in reading. Hehehhe. If anyone finds anything on the subject, let me know!